[REVIEW] Etude House 98% Watermelon Soothing Gel

Etude House 98% Watermelon Soothing Gel Review

Etude House 98% Watermelon Soothing Gel Review:

As a person who lives in tropical country, heated skin is usually being a terrible problem especially in summer. If you are Korean skincare lovers, you probably know that aloe vera soothing gel is very popular since last year and I thought that soothing gel is the best product to solve heated skin problem. But for my oily-combination skin, I felt that most of aloe vera soothing gel products were too moist, some of them even made my skin feel sticky and greasy especially on my T-zone. So I browsed through online shops and found this product. It is soothing gel type too but made from different main ingredient. Instead of aloe extract, it is made from watermelon extract. Yes, I am talking about 98% Watermelon Soothing Gel from Etude House!

I’ve ever read that watermelon is a great ingredient for acne prone skin. The extract of watermelon helps to heal acnes, smooth the skin texture and give a fresh skin without feeling greasy since it has powerful antioxidant rich in Vitamin A & C and Lycopene which are good to regenerate skin too.

Etude claimed that this soothing gel is made with 98% watermelon extract from Yangpyeong. I don’t know where Yangpyeong is. Usually I notice that most of Korean skincare made with natural ingredients from Jeju island, LOL. However, I have a high expectation with this product. Now let’s check how 98% Watermelon Soothing Gel works on my skin!

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[REVIEW] The Saem Saemmul Real Gel Tint in shade 4 Chateau Burgundy

The Saem Saemmul Real Gel Tint in shade 4 Chateau Burgundy Review

The Saem Saemmul Real Gel Tint in shade 4 Chateau Burgundy Review:

If I have to be honest, The Saem is not my favorite brand when it comes to lips products. Long time ago, I’ve tried their water tint and was disappointed with the result, so I never looked out their lips products anymore. Until few weeks ago, I found that The Saem has launched their new Saemmul lips series in a very cute packaging. They designed the packaging like cute candy. For a person like me, who love everything cute and pretty, of course I couldn’t ignore this series. So I grabbed mine on shopping cart.

Actually I tried Saemmul Water Candy Tint first and pretty loved with the result. I think The Saem has improved the formula because the old Saemmul water tint didn’t have good result on me. Days after trying Saemmul Water Candy Tint, The Saem teased me again with their Saemmul Real Gel Tint, of course still with cute candy packaging. So, here I am with my Saemmul Real Gel Tint in shade 4 Chateau Burgundy. Let’s start the review!

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[REVIEW] Etude House Color My Brows in Shade 5 Blondie Brown

Etude House Color My Brows in Shade 5 Blondie Brown Review

Etude House Color My Brows in Shade 5 Blondie Brown Review:

Before I started to change my natural black hair color, actually I usually skipped my brows area on my makeup routine. I just let it bare with its natural color, sometimes just combed it or hide it behind my bangs. I only do eyebrow grooming once or twice a week to give it a proper shape.

When, finally, I changed my black hair into light brown color, I found that it looks weird if I don’t match it with my eyebrows color too. So, I started to give more attention to my eyebrows, especially to give it the same color like my hair’s.

My first eyebrow mascara product was from Candy Doll. Then I found that it’s kinda pricey to me, so I searched other brand and came to Etude House’s product. Well, I lost my count. I couldn’t remember how many times I repurchased the product, but I’ve already tried 4 of 5 available colors. And now, let me share my thought about Etude House Color My Brows in shade 5 Blondie Brown.

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[REVIEW] Foodaholic 3D Green Tea Natural Essence Mask

Foodaholic 3D Green Tea Natural Essence Mask Review:

Actually I came to know this brand FoodaHolic because I got their mask as a free gift on my online order. I was super interested to try the mask because of its 3D shape concept. At that time, I got mine in Pomegranate variant and unfortunately I didn’t like the result on my skin. That was too sticky and caused some pimples on my skin.

Still, I was curious with the brand and searched through the website. I found that they have a lot of variants for their 3D Natural Essence Mask product. So, I gave it another try in different variant. What’s more, the price is super cheap, I can’t resist that hahaa!

My choice came to the Green Tea variant because I love green tea based skincare so much. So, without any words more, let’s jump to the review!

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[Review] Peripera Peri’s INK Lip Tint in #1 It Lips

Peripera Peri’s INK Lip Tint in #1 It Lips Review

Peripera Peri’s INK Lip Tint in #1 It Lips Review:

Since I’ve tried Peri’s Tint Crayon about three years ago, Peripera became my favorite brand for lip products. The quality for their products are great while they offer affordable prices. What’s more, the packaging of them are mostly cute and attractive. I’ve bought and tried Peripera Peri’s series, almost all, so when they launched Peri’s Ink, I was super excited to try it on.

I’m so interested with its “ink” concept and read many great reviews about it. So I’m going to prove it by myself about the ink formula. I bought mine in #1 It Lips!

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