[Review] Chica Y Chico Mat Fix Matt Lip Josephine (003)

Chica Y Chico Mat Fix Matt Lip Josephine (003) Review

Chica Y Chico Mat Fix Matt Lip Josephine (003) Review:

It will be a lie if a girl can get enough with just one lip product. I myself is a big lippie fan so I often check for new lip products (mostly Korean products). At that time I came across this because this product can be found in Althea Korea as a part of their “Romantic Date” box which released around April. I was quite impressed with the products inside the box, including this lip product. I quickly fell in love with this color among the other shades from this line.

The thing is, first, I actually never tried any matte lip cream before so this one is my first matte lip cream / lip tint. What everyone might be worried about is that a matte texture lip products make your lips turned cracky. I need to say that this matte lip tint does not. The active ingredients in this product is the main star as it contain Apple Seed Oil, Avocado Oil and Rose Hip Oil.

Second, I never tried a product by Chica Y Chico but I heard of them pretty often since last year. From what I discovered, this line is their first lip product. So let’s check out how the performance of this product!

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