[Review] Milky Dress The White Platinum Cream | Anti-wrinkle & Whitening

Milky Dress The White Platinum Cream Review

Milky Dress The White Platinum Cream Review:

For my whole life, I’ve been dealing with discoloration on my face. Probably because I didn’t care about my face the least bit as a kid and my skin is pretty sensitive. Ever since 4 years ago that I started getting acne issues, it has gotten worse and easily noticeable. There’s a wide variety of treatments to do and things to put on your face to treat it or cover it, since it’s quite a common problem within the population. I chose to try whitening products in the past without observing any huge difference.

I did not give up. I once was watching a drama on television when a telemarketing commercial about this product came up. In the commercial, a woman put some of this cream on her arm and it completely changed color immediately! I was so amazed, I knew I had to look it up. With a quick research, I found out that it contains ground cherry fruit extract, which prevents skin dullness that is caused by sun exposure and it reduces melanin color buildup( aka what makes your skin darker). I thought this might work so I decided to buy it and see how it goes!

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[Review] Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack Rice

Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack Rice Review

Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack Rice Review:

I believe everyone loves waking up to a bouncy, soft and bright skin. That is why people often looking for a product that can work on their face while they are sleeping and the answer is a sleeping pack! Innisfree eventually came up with a travel-size product called the Capsule Recipe Pack. This product comes in two types, wash-off pack and sleeping pack. They also offer 12 variants which have different functions.

On several K-Beauty website, this capsule recipe is a bit hard to get. Several variants might be out of stock or either sold out. I eventually got mine from the grand opening of Innisfree store in my city at the end of April for around 3 dollars. At that time I was really excited when I saw that the rack was full with all of the twelve variants of this capsule recipe pack. I chose the one that is used for brightening which is the Rice variants and it’s a sleeping pack. For your information, this is my first time using a sleeping pack and was excited and curious to see the result.

This is also my first Innisfree capsule recipe pack that I tried and I completely in love with the result that I got from this sleeping pack. They repackaged this product last year for the sake of convenience in a smaller and lighter tube. So let’s review this product!

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[Review] Innisfree Broccoli Clearing Toner

Innisfree Broccoli Clearing Toner Review

Innisfree Broccoli Clearing Toner Review:

I got this product first as a membership kit (I think over 1 year ago) and I ignored it, neglected it, didn’t even open it. Until one day I went to a store and actually read the package, saying that it specializes in sebum and pores. So I had a “a-ha” moment and decided to start using it! I have been using it ever since, which gives me a margin to make a proper review.

It’s part of the Superfood collection, which focuses on, well, superfoods, and this collection has products to tackle every skin worry. This is my third product from this line, simply because it’s affordable and the design is simple and beautiful!

Are you curious about this toner that looks exactly like water? I wonder if it smells like broccoli…

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[Review] TOSOWOONG SOS Repair CICA Clinic Centella Mask Sheet

TOSOWOONG SOS Repair CICA Clinic Centella Mask Sheet Review

TOSOWOONG SOS Repair CICA Clinic Centella Mask Sheet Review:

I find Centella Asiatica (or to say tiger grass) a great friend. My skin calms down even when I think of it. My wishful thinking mode on. Rosacea is very nasty, angry beast that is fortunately enough afraid of tiger grass. At least mine is. On those days when my face lives a life on its own I tend to make amends with it giving it centella products. So in my searches appeared Tosowoong SOS Repair CICA Clinic Centella Mask.

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[Review] Mediheal Aqua Chip Circle Point Mask Sheet

Mediheal Aqua Chip Circle Point Mask Sheet Review

Mediheal Aqua Chip Circle Point Mask Sheet was purchased by Cosmeperks.

When Cosmeperks contacted me and sent me a photo of the mask I honestly didn’t notice anything about it. It was not until I got in the store and grabbed it that I noticed it had circles, it had pressure points, I didn’t notice how special it was until I had it in my hand. And I admit, at the time I really had to control myself not to buy one of each from the same collection!

Please read the review because I promise you won’t see many masks with pressure points. Could it be your own Oriental medicine aesthetic clinic at home?

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[Review] Swanicoco Skin Expert One Step Fermentation Snail Care Skin Toner

Swanicoco Skin Expert One Step Fermentation Snail Care Skin Toner Review

Swanicoco Skin Expert One Step Fermentation Snail Care Skin Toner Review:

Swanicoco’s Snail Fermentation line is packed with lots of botanicals and ferments that are ideal for repairing, revitalizing and providing intense moisture to the skin. This much loved snail line along with the emulsion version of this is filled with rice ferments and licorice that instantly brightens skin, along with snail filtrates, collagen and green tea to repair, heal and protect skin.

I found this hydrating toner along with the emulsion for a good deal and I was totally blown away with my Swanicoco discovery, since it hydrates, smoothens and makes my skin glow, without the need of any makeup.

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