[Review] TONYMOLY Face Mix Primer Color Cushion 01 Lavender

TONYMOLY Face Mix Primer Color Cushion 01 Lavender Review

TONYMOLY Face Mix Primer Color Cushion 01 Lavender Review:

Some people might have a problem on having their make-up melts before they arrive to their destination. That is why we need something to ‘lock’ our make-up and that is the reason why primer exist! Nowadays, there are so many types of primer that people can use to fit their needs. Apparently, TONYMOLY joined the bandwagon of color cushion primer trend this year and added a primer cushion collection to their FaceMix line. Same with the previous posts, I got this from Althea’s box last April and I found this product very interesting.

I never used a Tony Moly base make-up before and only know about their Delight tint and sheet masks, so I feel eager to use this when this product came in the box. I started using this daily for almost 3 weeks under my BB cream. So let’s go jump to the review!

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[Review] Missha M BB Boomer

Missha M BB Boomer Review

Missha M BB Boomer Review:

When I dove into the makeup world of Asian beauty products and bought my first BB cream from Missha, I came across this product soon after. It was a highly recommended product due to its ability to “boost” BB creams applied on top of it – it could make any undertone of a BB cream look less yellow, gray, etc. In other words, it would make your skin tone appear more lively! It sounded like such an interesting product that I just had to try it.

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[Review] TONYMOLY Face Mix Primer Color Cushion 02 Mint

TONYMOLY Face Mix Primer Color Cushion 02 Mint Review

TONYMOLY Face Mix Primer Color Cushion 02 Mint SPF50+ PA++++:

Tonymoly is known as an affordable brand, with cute packaging, directed mostly at teenagers. It’s a very popular brand not only in Korea but also internationally! I have previously tried the BCDATION foundation made by the same brand and really liked it. Also, lately, I’ve been on the lookout for a good primer/ concealer, that wouldn’t make my acne more noticeable and would let my skin breathe without clogging my pores. This product is said to have covering and highlighting abilities, similar to color correcting, which has been gaining more and more fame lately, for it’s magical results. I thought that since all Tonymoly products I have tried so far have been nice, maybe I should give this one a shot I thought. And so I bought it.

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[Review] Etude House Fix and Fix Pore Primer

Etude House Fix and Fix Pore Primer Review

Etude House Fix and Fix Pore Primer Review:

I’m a makeup lover and my goal is to have the perfect base; I realized after watching tons of YouTube videos that I didn’t use a really important product during the makeup process: the primer! I saw some videos where YouTubers used some pore-cover primers to keep their makeup lasting longer and to avoid the visible pores and I realized that the issue I had with my base it’s exactly that one: it lasted not for so long and after a while the pores were really visible. During that period Etude House launched their new primer line, the Fix and Fix, I saw the advertisements in the website so I decided to buy in order to verify if I could have some better results for my makeup base.

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[Review] Hera UV Mist Cushion 23 Beige

Hera UV Mist Cushion 23 Beige Review

Hera UV Mist Cushion 23 Beige Review:

I caught the Cushion Fever back in 2014 when I had my first cushion ever –IOPE. It was so lightweight and didn’t cause breakouts –I couldn’t ask for more! I have been using it for about 3 years now so I guess I could say that it is my HG Cushion Foundation. I am not really up for changing my cushion brand but I was recently gifted with Hera UV Mist Cushion N*de 23 Beige. I guess it won’t be nice not to use it right? ☺ After all, it is another brand that is very much hyped amongst Asian Beauty.

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[Review] Erborian Glow Creme Illuminating Face Cream

Erborian Glow Creme Review

As someone with combination skin tending towards oily in the t zone, I am always weary of luminizing products because some of them can make you look extremely oily instead of radiant and glowy. Finding that perfect balance between radiance and oiliness is difficult, but when I started using the Erborian Glow Creme I was pleasantly surprised.

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A’pieu Base Maker SPF30 PA++ | Green(104) | Review

A’pieu Base Maker Green Review

A’pieu Base Maker Review:

I guess I could say that I am lucky with the skin that I am endowed with. While it is far from stellar, at least I don’t suffer from any major skin issue. Besides occasional breakout which I reckon are normal, redness/oiliness (when triggered) and somewhat dull skin, one of the things I am very conscious about lately is the veins that are showing on my face. I remember a time where my classmate asked if I hurt my face or something. I was so weirded out by his question I actually thought he was about to throw a joke.

Turns out, a part of my face looks a bit green like it is bruised or something that’s why he asked. I was like “Oh no, my veins are just more obvious than normal.” I forgot about it until recently, my best friend gifted me A’pieu Base Maker. She said that I should try and use it to cover my facial varicose veins, as she put it.

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