[Review] Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask Ex | Peel-off Mask

Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask Ex Review

Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask Ex Review:

Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask Ex is one of the popular products from the high-end brand Sulwhasoo. It is a peel-off type of mask which has a pretty interesting manner of usage. I don’t really own any peel-off mask nor do I recall any experience with this kind of product so I am really new to this. My experience with this product would most likely dictate if I would need a peel-off mask in my skincare routine.

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[Review] A’PIEU Fresh Mate Papaya Wash Off Peeling Mask

A’PIEU Fresh Mate Papaya Wash Off Peeling Mask Review

A’PIEU Fresh Mate Papaya Wash Off Peeling Mask Review:

Wait, is it a wash off mask or a peeling mask?? It’s a peeling mask that you wash off! What first attracted me to it is that it peels (mainly) with small gel balls, and that means there is a limit to how aggressive it can be on a sensitive skin, unless the product has aggressive ingredients (of course) – which didn’t seem to be the case when I first tried it at the store! So, for this nice little price, I decided to give it a try.

We all should do some sort of peeling (exfoliation) at least once a week, to remove the dead skin cells. But the problem is that by doing peelings our skin become more sensitive, and that’s really bad for sensitive skins. Can this product be what we need to keep our skin routines up?

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Tonymoly Buried Digda Peel Off Pack | Review

Tonymoly Buried Digda Peel Off Pack Review

I’ve been an avid anime fan since Heidi first played on Portuguese television, and was aware of what Japanese animation was. That was so many years ago! Of course, as a fan, I also fell for Pokemon when the time came. And for someone who fell for Asian beauty (and this part I’m sure you understand) I saw the new collection and simply had to have it! I bought all the products I wanted as they came out, but for some reason I missed this one! I just happened to be walking by on some-day-afternoon and saw this Tonymoly Buried Digda Peel Off Pack (imagine how shocked I was), of course I bought it on impulse. At first look it seems like the black masks going around the internet, the ones who peel off your black pores. And reading the description it clearly says it cleans the pores. So yay! I got it and let’s start! This was literally the first time I used a peel off pack, so I’ll walk you through it.

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