[REVIEW+SWATCHES] 16Brand Filter Shot Contour Peach

16Brand Filter Shot Contour Peach Review:

Contour is always a must have product for me because I have a chubby face, so I need something to make my cheekbones and jaw look more defined. I never tried any Korean contour since they are too warm for my liking and I prefer a light cool brown or ashy brown as my contour shade. Warm tone shade is better to bronzing than contour especially if you have fair skin tone. Cool tone shades are perfect for contour as it can mimic shadow so it will look more natural and real.

16Brand always advertise their products on Instagram and by sponsoring beauty influencers so I’m not surprised to see my feed is full of their advertisements. When I saw an Instagram ad for this product I got so intrigued. On the ad, you can see the model only swipe the brush on the product several times then apply it on her nose and she will get a beautiful contoured nose and for me, who have a hard time contouring my nose, this kind of product (if it’s working) may be the one I need in my life.

For the Filter Shot release, 16Brand made 2 types, one for contouring and the other one for bronzing. Actually the bronzer one looks promising as well but I need the contour one more so maybe I’ll purchase the bronzer later.

Claims :

+ New way of multi contour product that gives shading and highlighting at once by sculpting easy and quick.

Ingredients :

16Brand Filter Shot Contour Peach Review

How to Use :

Apply a proper amount on desired areas and blend with the included brush.

Volume : 7gr

My skin type : Combination with very oily T-zone

16Brand Filter Shot Contour Peach Review:

I swear 16Brand always have cute and unique packaging. This time they made the Filter Shot with packaging resembling a pink camera and I’m not gonna lie, the packaging is one of the factors that makes me want to try this product.

On the backside you can see information about the contour along with the info of the ingredients. You can’t find the ingredients on their website though so don’t throw away the box after you open it if you need the info about it.

16Brand Filter Shot Contour Peach Review

Unexpectedly the size is quite big! Not the pan is big, but the overall packaging because you will get a special brush inside as well. The actual product fill only half the size but it’s worth 7g of product so I guess for its price it’s not bad at all, especially since 16Band price range is on par with Missha and Clio.

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The packaging feels very sturdy too, it is made from plastic but it’s thick and feel so secure. The only problem is how it can be too bulky and may not travel-friendly.

16Brand Filter Shot Contour Peach Review

The brush inside is a special brush specially made for applying the contour. It is tiny but the bristle feels very soft and not scratchy at all I can say the brush itself cost half the price of this product. 16Brand instructs user to swipe the brush several times, back and forth to get both the contour and the highlighter evenly. It works really well in picking up the product and the design of the brush makes the application so easy.

The Filter Shot is made in 2 different shades, Shading Almond and Contour Peach. The Shading Almond is suitable for bronzing and shading because it contains both warm and cool tone shades. The one I got is the Contour Peach, it’s a cool tone contour with a peachy highlighter.

16Brand Filter Shot Contour Peach Review

The contour shade is pretty light though so if you have medium to deep skin tone, I don’t think the shade will show up on you but the highlighter is really beautiful! It’s a gorgeous peachy color that will suit every skin tone but sadly, it’s almost impossible to get the highlighter on the brush without touching the contour part because of how small the highlighter part is.

The pigmentation is not too strong but I prefer it like that for a contour so it’s easier to blend and you can control how much contour you want to use. The highlighter part is more pigmented though so sometimes I see my nose looks ‘highlighted’ than ‘contoured’ which makes it look a little bit weird.

The thing I notice is the contour doesn’t have fallout at all! I swipe the brush on the pan for a several time yet I didn’t see any of powder kickback. When I touch the powder, it feels soft and smooth so no wonder it doesn’t have any fallout.

It blends really well but you need to apply several layers to get the shade show up, even if you have fair skin tone. It happens to me as well so I can say that the contour pigmentation is not as good as what they show in the advertisement. For the application, I think a beginner in makeup will find it is hard to apply to the nose. Because the brush is very soft, it can be a bit flimsy and hard to apply precisely. It can be awkward at first but after using it for a few times, it gets better and better.

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I find it’s hard to make a sharp and precise contour line because I have a rounded nose tip. On their Instagram page, almost all of the models have pointy nose tips and it looks so easy on them but not on me, I have to use the side part of the brush to draw a precise line on the side of my nose tip. Maybe the brush doesn’t work on round nose tip as well as it does on pointy nose tips.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long especially because of my oily skin. I notice it lasts for 2 – 3 hours max on me and I have to re-apply. That’s why I always use another contour product on top of this one to prolong its lasting power. It doesn’t make my foundation underneath look patchy or dry though so I don’t really mind but if you need something that will last all day, I won’t recommend this product.

It is definitely won’t be my favorite contour product but it’s a good option if you only need to go out for a short while and need a practical product to contour your nose. Maybe on dry skin, it will last longer. I can’t try it because all of my friends have oily skin too so I can’t test it on dry skin.

If you are curious, do try it and try to find a shop that sells the authentic 16Brand product with reasonable price. I found a lot of sellers who sell it in fantastic price (as in, very expensive) so always check several shops before you purchase it.

Where to buy:

eBay | Yesstyle

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