[REVIEW+SWATCHES] 16Brand R U 16 Lipstick Taste Chu Edition Pink Nougat

16Brand R U 16 Lipstick Taste Chu Edition Pink Nougat Review:

After I tried the 16 Cheek Shot blush from 16Brand, I got intrigued and wanted to try other products from them. Their blusher is so-so but they really good in making eye-catching packaging so it’s one of the main reason why I bought the 16 Chu Lipstick.

If I’m not mistaken, they have several 16 Chu Lipstick series, the regular series, the Fruity series, and the Taste Chu series. I’m not sure if they already have new series or not but so far the latest one is the Fruity series and I can’t find it in my country yet. The one I got is the Taste Chu edition.

Even though they only make it in 4 shades (and no neutral shades at all) I found the packaging interesting and cute. If you know about their 16 Magazine eyeshadow, this lipstick is made with same theme. They even make it as a set as well. 16Brand also promote the lipstick really well, I can see pictures and swatch videos of it every time I open Instagram.

I think it has quite high popularity in Korea because I always see Korean beauty bloggers hyping and writing good reviews of this product. The price is quite high as well but still affordable. The price range is similar to Innisfree so I think a lot of people still can buy it and try it themselves.

Claims :

+ This lipstick comes with 4 different tone down choco mood color payoff.

+ Its super creamy matte texture allows smooth application for a long lasting color payoff.

Ingredients :

16Brand R U 16 Lipstick Taste Chu Edition Pink Nougat Review

How to Use :

Apply a proper amount along lip line and spread over evenly.

Volume : 3.4g

My lips area : Slightly dry

16Brand R U 16 Lipstick Taste Chu Edition Pink Nougat Review:

When I saw it for the first time, I have to admit they really did a good job in making the packaging. It comes in a plastic packaging and it’s very similar to a candy or chocolate paper wrap. They use eye-catching colors as well and I feel bad when I have to rip the plastic open to get the product inside.

On the backside you will find a complete list of its ingredients and other information about the lipstick. Their official website has almost no information about the product so I’m glad at least they put it on the packaging.

On the inside, you will find the lipstick protected with a thick cardboard box. I know they use it for safety reason (so the lipstick won’t crack) but for the price, I expect them to use something better, not just a small piece of white card box.

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16Brand R U 16 Lipstick Taste Chu Edition Pink Nougat Review


For the lipstick, they make the packaging similar to MAC lipsticks, the one that shaped like a bullet but 16Brand makes it in matte material and in different color according to the shade inside. To be honest the packaging feels like it is made from a thin, cheap plastic. It feels like it could break if you press it hardly or if it fell down. For the price I have to say that I’m quite disappointed.

16Brand R U 16 Lipstick Taste Chu Edition Pink Nougat Review

Because it’s a traditional lipstick, I expected to see a usual lipstick bullet but when I twist the lipstick out, the shape is really different. It has a rounded tip and I never saw any lipstick with this kind of bullet tip.

Even though it’s pretty unique, I find it’s a bit hard to get a precise application especially since I don’t have vivid lip line so often I have to reach the corner part of my lips with extra attention or I will make a mess.

When I saw the shade range, I didn’t feel interested at all. They only have 4 shades and all of them are more on the bold and bright side and for me, a n*de lip color fan, the shade range doesn’t look that great but then one day I watched a Korean YouTuber called Mia swatch this lipstick and I’m surprised I found the shade looks pretty.

16Brand R U 16 Lipstick Taste Chu Edition Pink Nougat Review

Among those 4 shades, I got a shade called Pink Nougat. From the picture, it looks like a mauve pink that will look too dark on me but I think I didn’t have too many colors like that in my lipstick collection so I decided to get it.

In real life (and on my skin tone), the shade is totally different, it is a light muted pink and it suits my complexion really well! I thought it will look dark on me but actually it is a perfect My Lips But Better Shade.

In my opinion, it is a good universal shade, which means everyone can wear it and still look gorgeous. It may look like a light n*de shade for deeper skin tone but I think it will a good shade if you want to something simple and natural look. It has cool undertone though so if you have warm undertone, this shade will look slightly more rosy on you.

16Brand R U 16 Lipstick Taste Chu Edition Pink Nougat Review

It has a matte finish but when I apply it, it is so creamy it feels like it’s gonna melt on my lips, I didn’t expected the lipstick to feel this lightweight either! Thanks to its creaminess, it’s very easy to apply and it doesn’t tug my lips. It also doesn’t sink into my dry parts nor emphasis those area so I’m really satisfied with how this lipstick performs. But after I let it set for a few minutes, it turns into a beautiful matte finish, totally different from the first application.

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Usually a matte lipstick is harder to use to get a gradient look but not with this one. Because it has a soft and creamy texture, it’s really easy to make a gradient lips. On my lip swatch picture, I didn’t use any tools at all, only a few smacks of my lips and it’s done!

How about the performance? I can happily say that this lipstick has a great lasting power! Maybe it is because of the matte texture, but it doesn’t even move after I eat oily foods. I’m really surprised when I see the color still intact on my lips.

I think this may be one of my most long lasting traditional bullet lipsticks in my collection. After 5 to 6 hours, the color will start fading from the inner part so it’s time to retouch and reapply.

If you want to reapply, I suggest you to remove the color on your lips first or remove any oil residue on your lips because the color won’t stick to your lips if you have any leftover product on your lips (such as lip balms, lip oil, lip color, etc). To remove it you can use any micellar water or a cleansing wipe, it won’t leave stain behind so it’s not hard to remove the lipstick completely from your lips.

I’m pretty sure I will get another shade from this lipstick but from another edition. The newest one is called Fruity collection and I already have a shade in mind which I will get once the lipstick is available on my country. I really love this lipstick and I think it will be my most used lipstick this month. It is really worth the price and I would highly recommend it for everyone.

Where to buy:

eBay | Yesstyle

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