[REVIEW] 3W CLINIC Aloe Full Water Activating Skin Toner

3W CLINIC Aloe Full Water Activating Skin Toner Review:

It is not my first time to come across the brand 3W Clinic despite it being a brand with no flagship product that brings out the brand name to skincare junkies. 3W Clinic primarily makes inexpensive cosmetics distributed online or to small retailers—even cheaper than roadshop brands like Etude or A’Pieu. From my knowledge, they are under Samsung and they do not have any physical store in Korea.

I had a trip in Seoul last year where I went to a shop that retails skincare products in Ewha Woman’s University area area called “Baviphat”, where there was a 3W Clinic Aloe Full Water Activating skin care set for a very cheap price (which I can’t remember the exact price but it was definitely under $20) that made me snag the set without thinking twice.


+ Moist Toner for instant moisturizing and soothing

+ Aloe containing toner moisturizes dry skin immediately.

+ Soothes irritated skin and locks in moisture overtime.


There was no ingredient list on the glass container and box, which I’ve already thrown out. I also tried searching online but there was no information available.

Volume: 150ml

How to use:

After washing the face and then pour onto palms of hands and pat lightly onto skin until fully absorbed.

My skin type: Dry, dehydrated, sensitive, eczema-prone

3W CLINIC Aloe Full Water Activating Skin Toner Review:

3W CLINIC Aloe Full Water Activating Skin Toner Review

This toner is packaged in a minimalistic frosted glass bottle that makes it look expensive despite being very inexpensive. Like most toners, the product is dispensed by shaking the bottle mouth into your palm, while there are more convenient packaging to dispense this product, I have no qualms because it gets the job done and keeps the product hygienic.

3W CLINIC Aloe Full Water Activating Skin Toner Review

The product itself is a viscous clear liquid. It’s very thick but it still runs so it’s soothing when it glides on the skin’s surface. This kind of product is best used with 7 skin method. The toner is mildly scented but it fades away as soon as you rub it into the skin.

The set I bought included deluxe-sized samples which I’ve finished in a month. I suppose I’ve been using this toner regularly for about 3 months and I still have a lot even when I occasionally do the 7 skin method. On most days, I only do one to three layers of the toner and I let it sink in for a few minutes before I follow up with an emulsion.

At first, I was impressed because it really hydrates the skin even in just one layer and I suppose it is also because of the viscosity of the liquid. Toners that are viscous tend to give me the same effect but this 3W Aloe Full Water Activating toner is a fraction of the price of most toners of the same viscosity.

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When I had major eczema flare-ups, I experienced a strong stinging sensation that makes me stop using the product because it aggravates the itchiness. To be fair, many other products also sting my skin during my flare-ups because it becomes even more sensitive than it already is, and to be clear, this product did not cause me to flare up—it was more of external factors like stress and pollution.

If you are meticulous with ingredients or have identified your irritants, this product is elusive with the ingredient list so make sure to do a patch test before using all over your face. It’s easy to become lazy when using this product because aloe vera may be a reliable ingredient but it is also pretty boring and it takes a while to see results.

This product is worth the try because it is very cheap. I think it’s a product that will suit all skin types because it’s simply aloe vera but it will suit dry skin the most. I do not recommend using it on irritated skin with inflammation like rashes or acne inflammation. I would repurchase this as a gift to people who are just starting with skin care or who are not really particular with the skin care they use because I think it is safe for anyone to use.

Where to buy:

eBay | Yesstyle

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