[REVIEW] A’pieu Color Lip Stain Matte Fluid in shade CR02 Dried Up

A’pieu Color Lip Stain Matte Fluid in shade CR02 Dried Up Review:

I am starting to love Korean lip products over western brands for I find their matte formula more forgiving. I cannot question their quality because they usually feel light on the lips and crazy long lasting! My only gripe with Korean lip products is that they have very narrow color selection;

I’ve noticed that they are mostly pink, red, orange, or anything in between these hues so I was pretty ecstatic when I found what A’pieu released for their spring color for the Color Lip Stain Matte Fluid series! I’ve been eyeing this product for ages but I feel that the available shades are pretty repetitive. So when I saw good variety, I immediately bought A’pieu Color Lip Stain Matte Fluid in shade CR02 Dried Up.


A’PIEU Color Lip Stain Matte Fluid is a perfect matte type with vivid colors and strong fixing effect.

  • Matte texture – Lightly fits, softly without irritants.
  • Feathery Fitting System – Light without stickiness, gently fill up lip wrinkles. No chapped lips.
  • Long-lasting – Lively for long time With strong fixing effect without leaving stains.
  • Real fitting tip – Perfectly match with matte fluid for even perfect adherence and lasting effect.


Not Available

Volume: 4.4g

How to use:

Take an appropriate amount and apply it to your lips.

My Skin Type: Combination, Acne-Prone, Occasionally Dull and Sensitive, Dry lips

A’pieu Color Lip Stain Matte Fluid in shade CR02 Dried Up Review:

A’pieu Color Lip Stain Matte Fluid  comes in a super classy box that matches the lipstick itself. I really love the packaging because it looks sophisticated in a frosted tube with black cap. It doesn’t feel cheap at all!

As I open the tube, my nose is greeted by a strong mix scent of perfume and paint, it was a little off-putting to be honest but my nose became automatically forgiving as I pulled out the applicator and see how beautiful the color is!

I honestly couldn’t find an official description for the color selection of A’pieu Color Lip Stain Matte Fluid series online, but Dried up appeals really warm coral to me like it’s leaning brown? To put it more accurately, I think that this shade is little pumped up MLBB color and appears to be safe for every skin tone.


Apieu Color Lip Stain Matte Fluid Review

This liquid lipstick comes with a doe-foot applicator that is slightly wider compared to your usual applicator (think Peripera and Labiotte). It was okay for me since I would be able to scoop more product, right?

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What I do not like, however, is the fact that the applicator is not really firm; it feels a little bouncy and springy. I am not very much comfortable applying my lipstick with a somewhat bendable applicator.


Apieu Color Lip Stain Matte Fluid Review

As you can see, this lip stick is pigmented, but I really need a lot of layer when I applied it on my lips because the texture is so creamy that the strokes are way too obvious if applied thinly. Its creaminess makes this lip product buildable which is a plus for people who takes a while in applying lipstick.

Personally, I don’t like that it is too creamy because it takes forever to settle/dry on my lips, it even feels a little sticky after 5 minutes of application. I couldn’t help but cringe when I saw how this shade fared on my lips.

I’m sure you are aware that lipstick color varies with different skin, pigmentation and whatnot and this color appeared rusty on me (yikes) but I’m glad that the color adjusted into almost n*de hue after about an hour or so.

While the shade adjusted into something acceptable, I am not very much happy with this kind of n*de shade because I look somewhat washed out. As you can tell, I am not very much happy with my shade but to be fair, this lipstick actually feels nice on the lips.

It is very soft and light and non-drying at all! It is also worth mentioning that I didn’t have a hard time removing this lip product. The lipstick comes off completely once removed, it doesn’t leave tinge of stain which may be a good or bad thing.

Overall, A’pieu Color Lip Stain Matte Fluid in shade CR02 Dried Up is a decent lip product for its price point. I may not be overly satisfied with this shade but the formula is promising.

Wear ability is decent at 4 to 5 hours too with minimum eating and drinking. I am definitely trying another shade from this lipstick series and see how it goes.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone provided that physical stores are available so you can test them out and see how the color fares on your lips or you could just blind buy… we always learn from our mistakes, after all ☺

Where to buy:

eBay | Cosmetic-love

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