[REVIEW] A’Pieu Eye Mousse 05 Daily Mocha

A’Pieu Eye Mousse 05 Daily Mocha Review:

I do love glitter/shimmery liquid eyeshadows but sometimes I think the glitters are too much for me. I’m not a smokey eye-look lover and I prefer neutral shades so I can wear it for my daily activity. Among the Korean liquid shadows sold in the market, I rarely found any matte liquid shadows so I’m pretty excited when I saw A’Pieu has one (and with very affordable price!)

A’Pieu is known for their high quality products with very low price so of course I have to purchase one. They have 5 shades and all shade is neutrals and can be worn everyday, start from a very pale beige shade to a deep mocha brown.

They claim it as a ‘creamy, fitting eyeshadow with texture as light as mousse and very long lasting’ so I hope what they claim is true. I’ve been wanting a good matte liquid eyeshadow because sometimes it takes too much time to blend powder shadow so if what they claim is true, I’d be a very happy consumer.

Claims :

+ Like Mousse. Light & Soft texture

+ Creamy melting texture

+ Silky fitting

+ Long lasting color

Main Ingredients :

Chiffon Smoothing Powder, Seed Butter Complex, Coral Powder
*other ingredients are not listed*


Apieu Eye Mousse 05 Daily Mocha Review

How to Use :

1. Adjust the amount using the applicator.

2. Apply onto eyelid using fingers or the applicator. Spread and blend well.

Volume : 6g

My eyelids area : very oily

A’Pieu Eye Mousse 05 Daily Mocha Review:


Apieu Eye Mousse 05 Daily Mocha Review

It doesn’t come with a box but it has a white seal on the lid. If the seal is broken, means your eyeshadow has been opened before. The packaging is quite simple but I like it because with the affordable price, the product still look chic and elegant. The bottle is made from plastic but as any liquid eyeshadows, it’s very travel-friendly and won’t break easily because it’s so sturdy.

You can see the shade’s name on the bottom part or on the white seal but there’s no information at all. To get the full info about the product, you need to check their website but they use full Korean on their website so it’s hard to find the information you need.

They did not list the full ingredients for the eyeshadow as well. They only write the main ingredients but so far I didn’t get any allergy reaction or any bad side-effect at all.


Apieu Eye Mousse 05 Daily Mocha Review

The applicator is a doe-foot with a slanted shape. It picks up a quite lot of product but I think it’s not too useful since I need only a pea-sized amount of product for each eyes. My favorite way to apply it is by using my finger because the warmth from my finger can melt the shadow and makes it blend easier.

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It works with a brush as well but it makes the eyeshadow less pigmented. Sometimes liquid eyeshadows can be hard to blend especially after it set but not with this one. It doesn’t set immediately after application so I still have time to blend the eyeshadow.


Apieu Eye Mousse 05 Daily Mocha Review

I got mine in shade 05 Daily Mocha. It’s a matte deep mocha brown shade and it can be used as a base, as a crease shade, or as a blending shade depending how you apply it on the lids.

I tried it as a base and it works amazingly well. It’s not sticky so it doesn’t make my eyelids look oily. I also tried layering it several times just to see if I will see any patchiness but turns out it still look beautiful.

The pigmentation is good and I only need a small amount to cover my whole eyelids. The finish is matte but it feels so soft on the skin. Once it sets, it’s hard to remove and the way to remove it is by using a cleansing oil or a cleansing water.

The first time I used it, I went to a ophthalmologist and the doctor pull my eyelids harshly but the eyeshadow was still intact and didn’t move at all! It’s definitely a waterproof and transfer-proof formula.

I have a very oily eyelids and usually liquid eyeshadows fades after a several hours on me but I’m very excited to say that this liquid shadow doesn’t fade at all! I wear it for 7-8 hours and at the end of the day, my eye makeup still looks good and fresh as if I just applied it. It’s not oily either and it’s rarely happen to me. I’m very impressed by the longevity.

Overall I will recommend it for everyone! It’s good for oily eyelids and it doesn’t emphasis dry parts on dry eyelids either. I think because it’s a mousse, the texture is more forgiving and can be worn by everyone, from teenager to mature one. With the affordable price, I can give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. Now I really want to try other shades as well!

Where to buy:

eBay | Yes Style

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