[REVIEW] A’pieu Flora in the Garden Hand & Lip Duo Camellia

A’pieu Flora in the Garden Hand & Lip Duo Camellia Review:

With so many products on the market it’s amazing how there can still be products that surprise me with how new and innovative they are. One such case is the new hand cream and lip balm duo by A’pieu. I instantly knew I had to get this when I first saw it – simply because of the cute design and because I had never seen a duo that combined a hand cream and lip balm like that. I’m sure that we’ll soon be seeing this fresh concept from other companies as well!


The soft hand cream smoothes rough hands – the melting lipbalm moisturizes dry lips.


Handcream – main ingredients: Camellia seed extract (10,000ppm), shorea robusta seed butter, eucalyptus leaf oil.

Lipbalm – main ingredients: Shorea robusta seed butter, macadamia seed oil, Vitamin E.

A'pieu Flora in the Garden Hand & Lip Duo Camellia Review


Handcream – 30 ml

Lipbalm – 2.3g

My Skin Type: Oily to combination skin

A’pieu Flora in the Garden Hand & Lip Duo Camellia Review:

Let’s start with the main selling point of this product: the packaging.

When I first received this product I just couldn’t get over how cute the packaging is. The hand cream has a bunch of vivid red camellias on it. In the center there is a girl, but you can only see her back, making it easy to identify with her. There’s also this tiny cute bird included in the design. The bottom part is clear so that the color of the lip balm is visible and harmonizing with the overall design.

A'pieu Flora in the Garden Hand & Lip Duo Camellia Review

However, there is one little downside to this packaging. When you open and close the lip balm you have to be extremely careful. If you do it carelessly, the lip balm will get smudged and since this part is see-through that makes it look very messy very quickly. I really wish they had gone for something different here.

You can chose between five different scents. I decided on Camellia since it is still winter where I live. Camellia flowers are often associated with late winter, as they are exceptionally early bloomers and their scarlet red color is a beautiful contrast with the white snow.

A'pieu Flora in the Garden Hand & Lip Duo Camellia Review

The hand cream has a light-weight consistency and does not leave a sticky residue. I was worried it would not moisturize very well since the main focus seems to be on the design – but I was surprised that this actually has a relatively decent moisturizing effect.

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It is not the heaviest hand cream I have ever tried, and not something I would put on as an overnight mask, but it is still something that I would gladly reach for when I feel my hands getting dry over the day.

According to the ingredients the handcream contains 10,000ppm of camellia seed extract – which is just a fancy way of saying about one percent. Camellia is very frequently used in Asian cosmetics and has skin-soothing qualities.

There is also shorea robusta seed butter which I am hearing for the first time and I found out that it is helping the skin be smooth and soft as well as eucalyptus leaf oil which surprised me, since I didn’t smell any eucalyptus.

The scent is described as:

Top – Peach, orange, grapefruit, cassis
Middle – Rose, geranium, jasmine
Base – Musk, amber

Personally I would have just called it ‘floral’. It is a pleasant and surprisingly longlasting scent.

A'pieu Flora in the Garden Hand & Lip Duo Camellia Review

The lipbalm has a slightly oily consistency. It feels like it is melting on your lips, which I find very comfortable to wear. The color is as expected not very strong and leaves a rather faint but lovely red hue.

Just like the handcream I did not have very high expectations regarding the moisturizing effect and again I was pleasantly suprised. It actually moisturizes my lips for hours and it doesn’t leave me feeling like wanting to reapply it again and again.

The lip balm also contains shorea robusta sead butter, as well as macadamia nut oil and Vitamin E. It is probably the macadamia nut oil that’s making it so nourishing whereas Vitamin E is an excellent antioxidant. The lip balm however does not appear to have any scent at all.

This product could have easily been a miss if A’pieu had decided to invest only in the packaging. Surprisingly the quality of the hand cream and the lip balm is quite nice and moisturizing. I particularly love the scent and I have no doubt that I will use this product frequently. It’s also super convenient to have a hand cream and lip balm in one product.

I will definitely order some of the other scents as well!

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