[REVIEW] April Skin Fixing Lip Shield

April Skin Fixing Lip Shield Review:

Many of us are constantly looking for long lasting, transfer-proof lip colour products. It saves the hassle of having to re-apply. It avoids us looking unkempt with smudged lips. It saves embarrassment of lip marks on cups or boyfriends. We dream of looking impeccable with full sexy pouts like Song Hye Kyo, Jun Ji Hyun, Park Shin Hye and the list goes on.

Many lip colour products claimed to be long lasting and smudge-proof but not all performed as claimed. There are some that are decent enough, but we hope that the colours could hold out even better and longer.
So short of tattoo-ing our lips, here comes lip top coat. Different brands call it differently, but essentially, this is one product that is to be applied over your lip colour and seal it in to grant you long lasting and smudge-proof lip colour.  I was excited to try the April Skin Fixing Lip Shield and waited for it to arrive in my mailbox eagerly.


♥ Retains your lipstick’s vivid color and prevents it from smudging or transferring whenever you eat or drink.

♥ Formulated with naturally derived ingredients including camellia japonica seed oil, rosa canina fruit oil, avocado oil to provide hydration for healthier lip care.

**May not be suitable for lip products that are oily.


I am not able to find the full ingredient list. It claims to be natural and listed the following as key ingredients:
Camelia Japonica Seed Oil, Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Avocado Oil, etc.

Volume: 20g

How to use:

After applying lip product, wait for 30 seconds.

Shake before use to blend contents well. Squeeze out pea-sized amount and apply. Wait for about a minute for coat to be completely dry.

My Lips Type: Dry lips

April Skin Fixing Lip Shield Review:

It comes in a small tube which is handy for travel. I do not think 20g is a lot, but since you will only need to use a little each time, one tube should be able to last for a good period of time.

It is surprisingly watery, with a tinge of oiliness. I was expecting it to be more viscous because of the oils that go into making of this lip shield. And some websites even describe it as gel. It is definitely nowhere near gel-like consistency.

April Skin Fixing Lip Shield Review

You can see from the photo that it was flowing down my hand. I had to do this a few times before I could capture one, because it just kept sliding off my hand very quickly. Understandably, it can be a bit messy to apply if you accidentally squeeze out too much and it drips all over.

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It has a tinge of sweet scent, which is detectable only if you put it near your nose. You are unlikely to smell anything when it is on the lips, unless you breathe in so hard *lol*.

April Skin Fixing Lip Shield Review

I did two tests – one on my hand and another on my lips. I was disappointed with the results on the hand. The difference between applying and not applying the lip shield was negligible. But I was optimistic, since the lips do not have any sebaceous glands and the lip shield should therefore be more effective. And yes, it did turn out better. The stain on the tissue, as you can see, is much lighter with the lip shield than without.

April Skin Fixing Lip Shield Review

The lip shield gives a slight gleam on your lip, likely due to the oils in the product. But it is not as shiny as lip gloss. But for those who are into the matte look, this is not for you.

I wondered if the shield may work better with some lip colours/brands over others. So I went on to try another two but the results did not show me otherwise. In fact, for the Tarte Lipsurgence that I tried on, everything was gone in a wipe.

Nevertheless, I tried it on my lips for a few days just to be sure. And I faithfully followed the instruction to ensure the product dried up. Sadly, the lip colours never did quite survive past lunch. One good that came out of it though, is that my lips felt very smooth and hydrated. I guess the oils do help to moisturise my dry lips.

But I am not impressed. It does beat nothing at all. But for such mediocre result, I do not think it is worth spending on. I could either use a better staying power lip tint or just diligently re-apply my lip colour through the day.

Having said this, I do come across positive reviews about this lip shield on some blogs. So go ahead if you would like to try it out for yourself ☺ YMMV

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2 thoughts on “[REVIEW] April Skin Fixing Lip Shield”

  1. I am disappointed I have been looking exactly for this kind of stuff since I can’t do lip tattoos on my overly dry lips, and I need to apply lipbalm several times during the day so any help on my lipstick would be good help! But this one seems to be no help at all

    • I can feel you because I have very dry lips too. There are a few other brands that carry such lip top coat which may perform better. I’m not sure because Aprilskin is the first of such kind I tried.
      Meanwhile, my other review on the Aritaum overnight lip mask may interest you though.


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