[REVIEW] ARITAUM Aloe No Wash Cleansing Water

ARITAUM Aloe No Wash Cleansing Water Review:

Never had any thoughts of using any cleansing water products before, although I’d heard so much about the importance of double-cleansing. Especially for Korean people, whose skincare routines are the one that I adopt everyday. Besides, I’ve already using a konjac sponge, so I think my face had been clean enough. In other words, the main reason why I decided to try a cleansing water product is because of the curiousity and I just wanna try something new. Turns out my decision was totally right!


An aloe cleansing water yhat removes makeup without rinsing with water and leaves skin hydrated!

Product features

  • Contains 91% essence from no-pesticide aloe of Jeju island.
  • Gently wipe away dirt, make up, and other impurities without drying out.
  • Made without artifial flavours, synthetic colorants ad mineral oils, so that the procduct suitable for sensitive skin.


Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Butylene Glycol, PEG-6 Caprylic/Capric Glycerides, Glycereth-26, Glycerin, Disodium EDTA, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol

ARITAUM Aloe No Wash Cleansing Water Review

Volume: 300 mL

How to use

  1. Soak a cotton pad and gently wipe onto the skin
  2. For light make up, gently hold onto the area for 5 – 10 seconds before wiping off
  3. Rinse off with lukewarm water if wanted

My skin type: Normal to oily skin, oilier at T-zone area

ARITAUM Aloe No Wash Cleansing Water Review:

Since this is the first cleansing water I’ve ever tried, I’m very sorry that I wouldn’t compare this with any other cleansing waters. But I’m gonna share everything about this product as detailed as I can ☺

ARITAUM Aloe No Wash Cleansing Water Review

First, lets talk about cleansing water packaging. It comes in a plastic bottle with a white-colored flip-top. Oh and it has a perfect-sized hole too, not too big that makes the product leaks drenching the cotton. As you can see, most of the bottle is green – I think Aritaum tries to illustrate the aloe content.

Anyway it makes the product looks fresh and natural for me. Sadly all the information written on its packaging is in hangul, so I had to check cosdna for the ingredients list and translate some parts manually.

The product itself has a texture and appearance just like water. Transparent and runny texture, with a slightly fresh aroma. Since this product use no fragrance in ingredients, I think it’s just the smell of aloe barbadensis leaf extract itself. Not irritating, though – it’s very OK for you who are quite sensitive with fragrance.

I never use any excessive make-up for my daily activities. I mean, just powder (Maybelline Clear Smooth All-in-One Shine Free Cake Powder) + brow pencil (The Face Shop Designing Eyebrow Pencil) + lip tint (Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint).

And Aloe No Wash Cleansing Water was just perfect – I mean it does removes them perfectly at the end of my day. My cotton is always full of dirt after I wipe my face. However, you might think that my daily makeup is somehow too light to judge kekeke. So I’m gonna do a rub test using more products so that my review on this product is fair enough.

Products I use for the rub test from left to right are : THE FACE SHOP Lovely Me:ex Catch My Eyeliner, EMINA Agent of Brow, THE FACE SHOP Designing Eyebrow Pencil, SECRET KEY Red Carpet Tattoo Tint, ETUDE HOUSE Dear Darling Water Tint, and SILKYGIRL Gorgeous Moisture Rich Lipstick. The photos show how many times I rub the cleansing water.

ARITAUM Aloe No Wash Cleansing Water Review

Also there’s no alcohol content in the ingredients list, while it might be common in some cleansing water and toner products – a big plus point for me! Sometimes alcohol is used to make the product absorb quickly, but I think Cleansing Water slowly-absorbed just because it contains no alcohol. So I think this product is suitable for any skin types, since it’s neither drying nor making your face too oily. It’s just moisturize your face in a positive way.

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I’ve been using this cleansing water for 3 months now, and it comes so-far-so-good with my skin. No breakouts and I barely got any pimples. It doesn’t make my skin dry too. So, turns out it does a perfect cleansing job, despite the fact that I had used a konjac sponge for cleansing. Oh I still have my cleansing water half-full even though I use it every night; quite a little goes a long way, isn’t it?

I’m a kind of person who likes to go on skincare-products’ adventure, so I’m gonna try any other cleansing products. Not saying that I wouldn’t repurchase Aloe No-Wash Cleansing Water; it’s just I’m still too curious to attach with just one product.

I will definitely repurchase ARITAUM Aloe No Wash Cleansing Water. For the price below $10, this product is very worth-to-buy! It cleanses any residues, moisturizes my face well, contains no parabens and alcohol, and has economical usage. Just like I said before, both oily and dry skin could use this product without any worries.

Where to buy:

Amazon Prime | eBay

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