[REVIEW] Mizon Honey Black Sugar Scrub

Mizon Honey Black Sugar Scrub Review

Mizon Honey Black Sugar Scrub Review:

As skincare addicts, we all know how important step #3 is in our routine, which is exfoliation. I have a sensitive skin, so it was pretty hard for me to look for an exfoliant since most of them are pretty harsh on the skin when massaged. The Mizon Honey Black Sugar Scrub is one of the first exfoliants I have tried, and since then, it is never gone in my skincare list.

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[REVIEW] Nooni Marshmallow Whip Maker

Nooni Marshmallow Whip Maker Review

Nooni Marshmallow Whip Maker Review:

The Nooni Marshmallow Whip Maker may look like an unnecessary space eater in your skincare drawer but this tool adds fun while minimizing the amount of your cleanser in your daily skincare routine! Whip maker sounds interesting, but wait until it gets cooler once you get a hold of this tool and make bubbles with just a little amount of H2O and your fave cleanser.

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[REVIEW] Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream Review

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream Review:

Having a combination skin wasn’t really a worry for me when choosing for the best cream/ moisturizer, however, I have a combination PLUS sensitive skin so the latter part was pretty much the problem. I have heard tons of positive reviews (including celebrities) about the brand Kiehl’s, especially about this Ultra Facial Cream. When I had the chance to do some last minute shopping in Hawaii before heading back to our island, I didn’t hesitate to grab 2 of these and wondered if this would be a permanent for me.

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