[REVIEW+SWATCHES] Missha Glow Lip Blush Just Me

Missha Glow Lip Blush Just Me

Missha Glow Lip Blush Just Me Review:

Impressed with how the Glow Skin Balm worked on my oily skin, I finally purchased other product from the Glow collection from Missha. This time I got the Glow Lip Blush which they advertised as a ‘2 in 1’ product that can be used as a lip color and as a blush. I’m not the type that use lip product for my blush so I didn’t give too much thought about how it will perform on me, I only curious if it will perform well on the lips.

Missha describe it as a ‘glowing’ lip color with a good pigmentation and moisturizing yet doesn’t feel sticky at the same time. Usually I don’t like glossy lip product that much because I hate the stickiness but because Missha said it’s not sticky (along with great pay-off), of course I have to try it myself.

They have 8 shades to choose from and honestly I love all of the shades. The shades range are mainly n*des and pinks so it’s really perfect for my go-to lips for working or any other daily activities. I had a hard time in choosing only 1 shade but I finally decided to get #Just Me since it was advertised as one of their ‘main’ shade.

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[REVIEW+SWATCHES] Peripera Ink Lacquer 04 Soft Rose Fix

Peripera Ink Lacquer 04 Soft Rose Fix Review

Peripera Ink Lacquer 04 Soft Rose Fix Review:

Before the ASMR collection, Peripera had launched another new product in their Ink tint family called ‘Ink Lacquer’. Actually I will not be surprised anymore if Peripera decided to come out with a new product in the near future since they are one of the brands that keep releasing new items for every several months. I’m not an avid fan of Peripera but I have to be honest, I will purchase every new lip tints from them because not only they are affordable, they also innovative and following latest trend.

Ink Lacquer is the newest addition in the Ink series. If you ever tried Ink the Gelato from Peripera, you will find some similarities between the 2 products even though they have totally different texture and finish because once again, Peripera decided to re-use the packaging style of Ink the Gelato and make a small change here and there.

As usual, Peripera makes the tint in 5 shades only and most of the shades are more on the pinkish side. Not gonna lie, the shade selection seems lacking a bit. I want to see Peripera came out with a very brown or beige shade and maybe they will make it for their next fall collection.

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[REVIEW+SWATCHES] Etude House Shine Chic Lip Lacquer Mini Set

Etude House Shine Chic Lip Lacquer Mini Set Review

Etude House Shine Chic Lip Lacquer Mini Set Review:

Shine Chic Lip Lacquer is the newest tint from Etude House, a new addition for their infamous Chic Lip Lacquer. This year they launched a matte tint called the Matte Chic Lip Lacquer and thanks to its amazing promotion, the tint become one of their best-selling product this year. I did get one for myself but I found it too matte for me so when Etude finally make it in another finish, I decided to get it.

It is available in 10 shades and I had a hard time in choosing just one because all the color look wearable and pretty. At the end I got myself the mini-sized version that include 5 of their best shades. I think it’s really good for them to make the miniature size along with 5 different shades so their customers can try those colors with cheaper price without having to buy the full size.

Unfortunately, I think this mini set is almost sold out everywhere but I think I saw so many sellers on eBay sell it individually along with Red Velvet (Etude House brand ambassador) photocard. If you want to try the mini one, you can check it yourself.

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[REVIEW] Tonymoly X Samyang Hot Edition Lip Sauce Tint 01 Hot Red

Tonymoly X Samyang Hot Edition Lip Sauce Tint 01 Hot Red Review

Tonymoly X Samyang Hot Edition Lip Sauce Tint 01 Hot Red Review:

If you are familiar with TonyMoly and Samyang, you must’ve known about their recent collaboration. When they announced the collaboration about 2 to 3 months ago, so many beauty enthusiasts are excited and can’t wait to get their hands on the collection including me. I’m not a fan of Samyang since I can’t eat too spicy food but I know I can’t skip this collection because they are so cute!

In this collection, they have several products such as lip tint, cushion, hair treatment, a blush and a highlighter. I have to say I want to get most of them but the price is so expensive here in my country (but the original price is pretty affordable though) so I only get the tint since it would be the product I used the most. The tint is available in 2 shades only, a deep red shade and an orange-red shade. I wanted to get both but finally decided to get the deep red one since I don’t have that many red tint.

I don’t know if the lip tint is an ‘remake’ version of their older release because the packaging is nearly the same with their infamous ‘Get It Tint’ tint series and the color, at least for me, is not that different. I already purchased the ‘Get It Tint S’ so I can compare the two of them to see if they are the same product or not. Tony Moly may have mentioned about it on their website but since I don’t understand Korean, I’m not too sure.

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[REVIEW+SWATCHES] Peripera ASMR Sugar Jelly Tint 02 Sheer Pink

Peripera ASMR Sugar Jelly Tint 02 Sheer Pink Review

Peripera ASMR Sugar Jelly Tint 02 Sheer Pink was purchased by Cosmeperks.

Seems like nothing can stop Peripera from releasing new products. This month they once again released a new collection called the ‘ASMR’ and if I’m not mistaken this collection is meant for holiday season (but I don’t know what’s the connection between ASMR and Christmas though) since the concept is so Christmas-sy which I really like! Christmas is my favorite time of the year so usually I always got excited to see a lot of makeup brands releasing makeup collections with Christmas as their main concept.

At first I didn’t know that Peripera came out with a new collection until Nigama offered me to try their new release. After I searched more about it, it was revealed that this collection has several products which consist of cushions, an eyeshadow palette, a liquid shadow, airy ink velvet, and 2 new products which is the Sugar Jelly Tint and a Tint Stick. Most of the products are remake from their older release but only with new shades.

One of the tint is a remake from the infamous Airy Ink Velvet but they only available in 3 shades (and to be honest, the shades look similar to each other). The one I got from Nigama is the new one called ‘Sugar Jelly Tint’ and I believe it’s a new product from Peripera. It’s available in 5 shades and I think all shade seems wearable enough for daily uses because they have no bold or neon-y shade, even the purple one looks so natural.

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[REVIEW+SWATCHES] TONYMOLY Liptone Get It Tint S 04 Red Hot & 05 Oh My Rose

TONYMOLY Liptone Get It Tint S 04 Red Hot & 05 Oh My Rose Review

TONYMOLY Liptone Get It Tint S 04 Red Hot & 05 Oh My Rose Review:

As a huge fan of Korean boy group Monsta X, imagine how excited I am when TonyMoly announced that they will be collaborating with them! I’m not the one who love Tony Moly lip tints, in fact I rarely used their products and this would be my first time in trying their infamous Get It Tint series. I asked my friend who was in Korea to help me get it and I heard that the tints sold out right after it was released offline so it’s really a hard to find them on stores.

From what I heard before, the Get It Tint is really popular both nationally and internationally. It’s really popular even Tony Moly decided to release the HD and Velvet version but the original one is still the most popular to this day. My friends said that the tint is one of the best tints they’ve ever tried, but the main reason I got these tints is because I want the bonus (Tony Moly gave Monsta X photo cards and postcards for every lip tint purchase) so I got myself 2 of the tints.

The tints are available in 6 shades and based on some info I read on Twitter, some of the shades are either a remake or just added to the collection but with Monsta X name on it. I searched about it and I did find the same shades on their Get It Lip tint release so if you already have the older release, do check it first or you may end up with same shades.

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[REVIEW] Missha Glow Skin Balm

Missha Glow Skin Balm Review

Missha Glow Skin Balm was purchased by Cosmeperks.

Not too long ago, Missha has launched a new collection called ‘Glow Skin’ and the collection consists of a foundation, a skin balm, a lip & cheek tint, and a tension pact. If I’m not mistaken, the collection’s purpose is for dry skin because fall and winter is coming and that’s when our skin become drier and drier (but sadly I live in a tropical country so we have no season here).

I really want to try the foundation but a lot of reviews were saying that it was too oily if you have oily skin so I didn’t get it and purchased the lip & cheek tint instead. But suddenly Nigama offered me to try the Glow Skin Balm and I’m so thankful! Since its main purpose is for dry skin, I can’t wait to see what it will looks like on my oily skin.

I’m not sure either if it’s a skin primer or a moisturizer, but when I searched about it online, most of the online shops described it as a skin primer. Missha made it only in one type (where other brands usually make it in 3 variants according to skin’s problem) and I think this primer is meant only for making your skin look luminous and feel hydrated.

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[REVIEW+SWATCHES] A’PIEU Juicy Pang Tint Lips RD01 You Are My Apple

A'PIEU Juicy Pang Tint Lips RD01 You Are My Apple Review

A’PIEU Juicy Pang Tint Lips RD01 You Are My Apple Review:

A’Pieu definitely is one of my favorite Korean beauty brand. They are so affordable, they have good quality, and they have various range of product with various shade selection as well. The only bad thing is, it is quite difficult to get their products in my country and most of the time when I found a seller that sell A’Pieu products, they tend to mark up the price.

Last month, my friend went to Korea so I didn’t hesitate and asked her to help me to get their products. I purchased about 3 new makeup products with tons of sheet masks (I’m a sheet masks hoarder, obviously) and one of them is their latest release, which is called Juicy Pang Tints. If I’m not mistaken, they already have a similar concept but in a blusher version. On their Instagram, seems like A’Pieu really want to hype this tint because they even make a lip color challenge as one of their strategy to promote it.

They have 8 shades available and most of the shades are reds, pinks, and corals along with some different shade such as purple and beige. I got mine in RD01 and I’m satisfied that the shade in real life is pretty much the same with what they advertise in their official website.

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[REVIEW] Peripera Pure Blushed Liquid Cheek 04 Mood Nude

Peripera Pure Blushed Liquid Cheek 04 Mood Nude Review

Peripera Pure Blushed Liquid Cheek 04 Mood Nude Review:

I think I never tried any blush from Peripera before. After I did a research about their blushes, they only had 1 powder blush I believe but that was way long ago even before Peripera re-branding their brand. Since that, they always releasing either creams or liquid blushes which I’m not too fond of.

But one day I stumbled upon a YouTube video from a Korean beauty blogger reviewing this blush and I fell in love immediately with the color range! And based from the swatch, it looks they have a good pigmentation as well.

They have 6 shades in the collection and for me, they really did well with the shade selection. They have 2 warmer shade such as red and coral, 2 neutral shades such as brownish n*de and beige, and for the last 2 shades they made it in cooler undertone like pink and lilac.

If I’m not mistaken, this is their newest blush so I think you can get it pretty easy from the official store or even from online seller.

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