[REVIEW+SWATCHES] 16Brand Filter Shot Contour Peach

16Brand Filter Shot Contour Peach Review

16Brand Filter Shot Contour Peach Review:

Contour is always a must have product for me because I have a chubby face, so I need something to make my cheekbones and jaw look more defined. I never tried any Korean contour since they are too warm for my liking and I prefer a light cool brown or ashy brown as my contour shade. Warm tone shade is better to bronzing than contour especially if you have fair skin tone. Cool tone shades are perfect for contour as it can mimic shadow so it will look more natural and real.

16Brand always advertise their products on Instagram and by sponsoring beauty influencers so I’m not surprised to see my feed is full of their advertisements. When I saw an Instagram ad for this product I got so intrigued. On the ad, you can see the model only swipe the brush on the product several times then apply it on her nose and she will get a beautiful contoured nose and for me, who have a hard time contouring my nose, this kind of product (if it’s working) may be the one I need in my life.

For the Filter Shot release, 16Brand made 2 types, one for contouring and the other one for bronzing. Actually the bronzer one looks promising as well but I need the contour one more so maybe I’ll purchase the bronzer later.

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[REVIEW+SWATCHES] Holika Holika Nudrop Dewy Stick 01 Bare Coral

Holika Holika Nudrop Dewy Stick 01 Bare Coral Review

Holika Holika Nudrop Dewy Stick 01 Bare Coral Review:

The NuDrop Dewy Stick is one of the new products belong to the NuDrop Collection from Holika Holika. Based on what they describe, it’s a moisturizing lipstick that will give you comfort and supple effect. I rarely use a moisturizing lipstick since it fades too fast for my liking but because their claims are too good to be true, I decided to try it to see if the claims are true or not. I have tried the Nudrop cream blusher form the same collection and to be honest I’m not too fond of that product. It fades too fast so I’m hoping the lipstick will last longer on me.

Holika Holika made the lipstick in only 4 shades but all of the shades are in natural color with warm undertones. I’m a big fan of natural lip color thus i had a hard time in choosing only one shade. If you are a fan of bold or dark lip color, then this collection may not be for you. Actually 4 shades is not enough but since the purpose is for ‘no makeup’ makeup look, I think it’s understandable (though I’d be happy if they include more shades).

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[REVIEW+SWATCHES] Holika Holika Nudrop Lumi Cheek 01 Caramel Luster

Holika Holika Nudrop Lumi Cheek 01 Caramel Luster Review

Holika Holika Nudrop Lumi Cheek 01 Caramel Luster Review:

Holika Holika is finally back again with their latest collection! After their ’Sparkly’ collection (which I’m not too fond of), Holika Holika launched a new collection, ’NuDrop’ with dewy and natural makeup for its theme. If I’m not mistaken it’s for the Summer collection and it consists of lipsticks, cream blushers, nail polishes, eyeshadow palettes, and some brushes. The collection intrigues me so much since I’m a fan of dewy makeup look so I purchased the blusher and the lipstick.

The blusher I got is a cream blush with hint of glitters. Actually I’m not a huge fan of cream blusher but most of the time if I want to have a natural makeup look, a cream blusher is way better than a powder one because it can give you a luminous and natural flush look. I think maybe Holika Holika put a wet, creamy blusher in the collection instead of a cushion/liquid because it’s easier to control and looks more natural on the skin.

I’m surprised to see this release from Holika because usually they put more effort into making the packaging instead of the quality itself (I’m sorry Holika!) but lately, they started to make more simple yet mature packaging along with high-quality products. I hope this new blusher will work wonder on my oily combination skin so let’s see.

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[REVIEW+SWATCHES] Innisfree My Concealer Wide Cover C13

Innisfree My Concealer Wide Cover C13 Review

Innisfree My Concealer Wide Cover C13 Review:

Not too long ago, Innisfree launched a new concealer collection ‘My Concealer’. The collection consist of cream and liquid concealer, along with 2 correctors for dark circles. A concealer is a must-have in my makeup collection as I have a really severe panda eyes so I always have to cover up those areas with a brightening concealer. The problem is because I have fair skin tone, it’s hard for me to find a concealer that light enough for me.

So far, a concealer that work really well on me from Korean brand is Etude House. I’ve tried other brands too of course but only the Big Cover Skin Fit from Etude can brighten my under eyes without looking too cakey or creasing.

Innisfree promoting this collection with the help of several famous Korean beauty influencers including Ssin-nim, who is my favorite! On Innisfree’s website, you can see a tutorial and description about each concealer and if you are a beginner, I think it would help so much. They also put a swatch photo there but if you have deep skin tone, you will have a hard time in finding your perfect shade as the shade range is too limited.

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[REVIEW+SWATCHES] A’Pieu Juicy Pang Mousse Tint BE01 Fig

A'Pieu Juicy Pang Mousse Tint BE01 Fig Review

A’Pieu Juicy Pang Mousse Tint BE01 Fig Review:

After having a great success with the Juicy Pang Tint, A’Pieu is back with another product in the collection, the Juicy Pang Mousse Tint. I’m a huge fan of the Juicy Pang Tint so I’m really excited when I saw advertisements for the Mousse Tint online. Basically it’s a velvet version of the older release so I’m guessing it would be more long lasting and doesn’t feel slippery on the lips.

If you never tried the original Juicy Pang Tint then you really need to try it! I think it’s one of the best lip tints I’ve ever tried and in Korea it’s also really popular and hyped by beauty influencers. Maybe because it’s unexpectedly popular (and not everyone loves the oily finish) A’Pieu decided to make it in a mousse version. Even though I love the original version, to be honest I’m not a biggest fan of glossy lips so when I saw they already have it on sale, I asked my friend who stay in Korea to get it for me immediately.

Recently A’Pieu got so popular internationally and now you can find their products easily on every online store that sell Korean makeup. Along with the affordable price (and good quality), I think it’s definitely one of the reasons why this lip tint was almost sold out when they first launched it.

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[REVIEW+SWATCHES] 16Brand R U 16 Lipstick Taste Chu Edition Pink Nougat

16Brand R U 16 Lipstick Taste Chu Edition Pink Nougat Review

16Brand R U 16 Lipstick Taste Chu Edition Pink Nougat Review:

After I tried the 16 Cheek Shot blush from 16Brand, I got intrigued and wanted to try other products from them. Their blusher is so-so but they really good in making eye-catching packaging so it’s one of the main reason why I bought the 16 Chu Lipstick.

If I’m not mistaken, they have several 16 Chu Lipstick series, the regular series, the Fruity series, and the Taste Chu series. I’m not sure if they already have new series or not but so far the latest one is the Fruity series and I can’t find it in my country yet. The one I got is the Taste Chu edition.

Even though they only make it in 4 shades (and no neutral shades at all) I found the packaging interesting and cute. If you know about their 16 Magazine eyeshadow, this lipstick is made with same theme. They even make it as a set as well. 16Brand also promote the lipstick really well, I can see pictures and swatch videos of it every time I open Instagram.

I think it has quite high popularity in Korea because I always see Korean beauty bloggers hyping and writing good reviews of this product. The price is quite high as well but still affordable. The price range is similar to Innisfree so I think a lot of people still can buy it and try it themselves.

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[REVIEW+SWATCHES] Holika Holika Jellime Highlighter 02 Feel So Champagne

Holika Holika Jellime Highlighter 02 Feel So Champagne Review

Holika Holika Jellime Highlighter 02 Feel So Champagne Review:

If you following beauty trend, then you must’ve heard about the famous jelly highlighter from Farsali, a very well-known beauty brand from America but it’s too expensive I won’t even buy it myself. Not long after, so many brands start to make their own version of the Jelly Highlighter but with a lot more affordable price. Because of curiosity, I decided to get the one from Holika Holika, a brand I already familiar with.

Holika Holika named their product Jellime Highlighter because it’s a highlighter in a slime texture. It’s bouncy and a little bit sticky and if you ever touch a slime, the texture is pretty much the same. I can say the texture is close to the ‘original’ one from Farsali but I don’t know about the quality since all the reviews I found are in Korean (and I don’t understand anything at all).

Jellime Highlighter is available in 3 shades and I think for a highlighter, the shades range is pretty good. There are pink, silver, and champagne colors and since highlighter shades are more universal, you can find any shade that will suit your skin tone. If I’m not mistaken, Holika Holika releasing this highlighter as a part of their ’Sparkly’ collection which consists of this highlighter along with sparkling liquid liners.

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[REVIEW+SWATCHES] 2019 NEW Peripera Ink Matte Blur Tint 03 Hitwave Orange

Peripera Ink Matte Blur Tint 03 Hitwave Orange Review

Peripera Ink Matte Blur Tint 03 Hitwave Orange Review:

Not long after releasing the new Ink Airy Velvet Tint and Ink Airy Velvet Stick, Peripera is back with another new lip tint. Following the trend, this time they come out with the ‘popular nowadays’ blur tint and called as the Ink Matte Blur Tint. This type of formula is pretty popular in Korea as you can see tons of brands releasing their own version of blur tints and some of the most popular are from Etude House blur tint and Bbia (the Etude one is not my favorite and I haven’t tried the one from Bbia yet).

So what is blur tint? It is basically an another term of smoothing tint. Usually a blur tint has a velvet and matte finish and it will feel soft on the lips. Blur tint is perfect if you have lot of lines on your lips or if you have very pigmented or dark lips. Peripera themselves describe this tint as a matte, lightweight tint with smooth application and good pigmentation so I’m guessing it’s not too different with other blur tints.

Peripera released this tint in 10 shades but honestly, the shade range is really similar to other lip collection from Peripera, there’s even a same shade (with a same name!) with the new Ink Airy Velvet Tint. I’m not sure if they make a whole new shades or just using similar shades but with different formula but if you are a loyal Peripera’s lip tint user like I am, then you will notice what I’m talking about.

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[REVIEW] CLIO Big Aurora Glowing Cushion 02 Lingerie

CLIO Big Aurora Glowing Cushion 02 Lingerie Review

CLIO Big Aurora Glowing Cushion 02 Lingerie Review:

I’m not a cushion-person so I rarely use cushion foundation for my daily makeup because I find most of cushions don’t last on my oily-combination skin. I do have several cushions that I really love but it is very hard to find one that won’t make my skin looks like a mess.

I notice that usually cushion with skincare suit me the most then CLIO released their new cushion called Big Aurora Glowing Cushion and I can’t help but want to try it so bad since their claim is too good to pass on. CLIO describes it as a cushion that fills wrinkle and pores, makes voluminous skin, and contain Peptide Volume Essence in it. I’m not sure what is Peptide Volume Essence but as long as it has essence in it, then I need to try it.

For the shade range, it’s quite disappointing because they only has 3 shades to choose from. Usually CLIO has more than 3 shades so I’m not sure why they decided to only make this cushion in 3 shades only. There’s almost no deep and fair shade as the lightest shade is a tad darker than my skin tone and the deepest shade is not dark enough for deep skin tone.

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