[REVIEW] Trader Joe’s Rose Facial Oil

Trader Joes Rose Facial Oil Review

Trader Joe’s Rose Facial Oil Review:

Luxury facial oils are having a big moment in Western skin care, and a lot of those oils come with premium price points. It’s easy to be tempted by the lovely textures, delicious fragrances and beautifully-designed packaging. I was teetering on the edge of forking over lots of cash for one of these oils, but before I did, I ran to Trader Joe’s for chocolate and as I rounded the aisle my eye landed on this little bottle; I didn’t hesitate a single second before grabbing it up.

At the price I paid, I knew I could use it up for the ends of my hair or my cuticles if my face didn’t like it, but I’m glad to say that my face really, really likes it, and I get to enjoy a little almost-luxury-oil moment every evening when I do my skin care.

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