[REVIEW] Benton Fermentation Eye Cream

Benton Fermentation Eye Cream Review:

I first tried this product in samples. Benton is always very generous with the samples, so after receiving my new member sample kit, the 2 products they sent me to review, and the 2 other packages I received by purchasing them myself I had somewhere between 20 and 24 samples of this cream. I don’t know how much product is in each sample, but each sample is enough for me to use 4 times! So I tried it a lot, and then I purchased it.

I wasn’t going to purchase it, honestly, because I can just keep receiving the samples, but my previous eye cream finished and after the incident I had where my eyelashes fell out I didn’t want to risk something new. And let’s face it, Benton is natural, generally good, and is very affordable! So I bought two packs of this, and these are my thoughts after almost finishing the first one!


(from the package)

Benton Fermentation Eye Cream is a premium eye cream containing Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate, Bifida Ferment Lysate, sh-Oligopeptide-1 and Ceramides. The formula helps to prevent skin damage and relieve skin irritations and stress. Containing Adenosine, this eye cream helps to achieve smooth and youthful eye areas.

(from the website)

Fermented ingredients, sh-Oligopeptide-1, Ceramide,  Hyaluronic Acid contained.

Nutrition and moisture Supply / pore care / moisturizing / skin protection / helps in skin improvement

Wrinkle Improvement Functional Cosmetic (by MFDS standards)

Acceptable for all skin types. Free of chemical fragrance or coloring.


Main ingredients:

Galatomyces ferment filtrate, bifida ferment lysate, ceramide, sh-oligopeptide-1

Full list:

Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate, Bifida Ferment Lysate, Butylene Glycol, Caprylic/ Capric Triglyceride, Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Ethylhexanoate, Water, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate, Pentylene Glycol, sh-Oligopeptide-1, Ceramide NP, Sodium Hyaluronate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Adenosine, Allantoin, Althaea Rosea Root Extract, Betaine, Panthenol, Beta-Glucan, Acrylates/ C10-30- Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Arginine, Zanthoxylum Piperitum Fruit Extract, Pulsatilla Koreana Extract, Usnea Barbata (Lichen) Extract, Sorbitan Stearate

Volume: 30g

How to use:

Please take an appropriate amount of the product and apply to the area around your eyes, then softly tab to enhance the absorption.

My Skin Type: Very thin, dehydrated and oily eyelids.

Benton Fermentation Eye Cream Review:

I use a lot of eye cream. Well, let me correct myself there, I use eye cream in every skin care routine, and I usually have 2 to 3 routines during the day, so it means I use eye cream that many times. So 30g of eye cream are good for me for around 2 months, in the case of a thick cream (such as this one, you’ll see).

Previously I reviewed the IOPE Bio eye cream youth complete – which saved my eyelashes from the terrible fall out they had because of a previous cream. IOPE cream has 25ml and lasted me for 3 months, but it is really liquid (compared to this Benton one) so I stretched out the product more easily and ended up using less each time.

But since my eyelashes are back in place and I got along well with the samples of Benton I had tried (I try them when I travel) I thought I should focus on my eyelid skin a little. At half the price of the IOPE eye cream, and lasting almost as long, I must say right away that for my goal it is a good choice.

But let’s get back to the beginning!

Benton Fermentation Eye Cream Review

The first point to pay attention in the package (which they also mention on the website) is that you have 24 months from the manufacture date, and 6 months after opening to use up the product.

So “what? Only 6 months?” well, it is a product based on natural ingredients. And if you use eye cream at all you know that you have to use it in every routine. And people who don’t use eye cream – you should, even if it’s a light cream, or if your face cream is gentle and chemical fragrance-free you should at least extend it to the top and bottom of your eyelids.

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Why should you use eye cream? It’s a sensitive skin that protects your eyes (one), it prevents wrinkles from forming (two), and it helps you keep physically awake and energized (three), so that’s a decent amount of reasons to use something on your eyes. As I said, you can use some face creams (or lotions) there instead!

Benton Fermentation Eye Cream Review

I tried my best to take a photo of this, as there was in my previous Benton review, but the black package made it difficult to photograph. I think you can see them a little, but there are safety stickers on the package.

If your eye cream doesn’t have them, or if they are cut, or seem to have been open before then you should contact the seller, because the tube inside doesn’t have its own protection from the outside world.

Benton Fermentation Eye Cream Review

I feel a little silly for having written this in the claims and also showing it here, but design wise I like how Benton almost always shows the description and claims of the product right in the front of the product. It’s informative and literally makes it prettier. Like an encyclopedia entry. (Yes, I think encyclopedias are pretty)

Benton Fermentation Eye Cream Review

This was the photo I took when I first opened the product (I always try to take at least a photo of the package itself since sometimes they have inside protections and sometimes they don’t) and as you can see here: this is how it comes.

So you really have to pay attention to those seals. Remember that someone might have used it and returned it, but most importantly that someone might have opened it and you only have 6 months! Although I have never ever come across any problem like that with Benton products users. Ever. But just to be safe!

The application actually lets the cream out in the shape of a tube (or a worm, or a slug if we want to be disgusting) but to better control the amount that goes on my eyelids I usually put it on my finger before and then with the finger on the eyelid.

It also prevents accidents of poking or scratching my eyes with the tube (has happened before) and thus prevents also bacteria from my dirty eyeball from getting there and giving an infection later. If you’re not clumsy though you don’t have to worry about those things!

Benton Fermentation Eye Cream Review

This amount of cream is actually enough for 3 eyes of mine, but I thought the amount for two wouldn’t show prettily on the photo. I use a big amount of cream because, and this is important when you’re 30 years old and over, I apply it on the eye socket (of course) and on the bags under my eyes.

Then I insist again on the outer corner, with a gentle massage, where the wrinkles can form. Especially since this eye cream focuses on repairing and protecting, rather than wrinkles!

But after using this cream I have almost only good things to say about it.

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The bad thing first, the cream is really dense and it takes a while to start melting – but after it starts melting it’s all good. So just be gentle with your eye massage and it’ll be fine.

The good things are a lot. I have had no irritated eyelid since I started using this, I thank it to the ceramide. Obviously I have no eyelash fall out, my eyelashes are long as usual! My eyelid skin is thin, but it doesn’t feel like it is thin.

Now, I’m almost sure this cream wouldn’t restore my fallen eyelashes in two weeks, but it has an advantage over the previous one.

It is a little more fat (it absorbs well though) so I don’t feel the need to apply eye cream as much. While I used the IOPE cream, since it’s really watery, I could never ever skip that step or I would be under moisturized.

Not that I ever ever skip my eye cream, but in this case if I do by accident it’ll still be fine. What I mean is that this eye cream focuses on repair and protection, and that really shows while using it!

I have another eye cream I’ll use once this one is completely gone, but I also have another pack already waiting to be used. Because it is really affordable, does the job well, and I do agree it’s for all skin types (and must add that, unless you have a specific problem like I had before, it’s also for all ages – at least until 40 – as a maintenance cream).

Where to buy:

Amazon Prime | eBay | Cosmetic-love

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