[REVIEW] 16BRAND 16 Cheek Shot 01 Milk Tea Shot

16BRAND 16 Cheek Shot 01 Milk Tea Shot Review

16BRAND 16 Cheek Shot 01 Milk Tea Shot Review:

16 Brand (or previously known as Cho Sung Ah 22) is a Korean beauty brand with a unique and stylish concept. Before they are widely known, some of their products were sold at Sephora and quite popular in the States back in mid 2015. When I try to search for the products, I think Sephora didn’t sell it anymore and now the brand is more popular internationally as 16 Brand. True to their concept, almost all of their products have quite unique packaging but for their newer release, I think they changed it a bit so the concept is more feminine and cute.

If you are a beauty enthusiast, you must’ve heard about their famous duo eyeshadows. It is really popular but since it’s not my cup of tea, I decided to pick other products to try and one of them is the blusher. If I’m not mistaken they only have one powder blusher (the other being multi-products) and not gonna lie, the shade range really attracts me.

All of the shades are in ‘light’ category so it will suit for people with fair to light skin the most. If you have deep skin tone, maybe you’ll find the shades too pale for you. They have 4 shades and based on the swatch only, the shades have similar tone with a slight difference in the undertone. I think the blush is not as popular as the eyeshadows so it’s hard to find some reviews about it. Usually a non-hyped products work really well on me so I’m excited to try the blusher.

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