[REVIEW+SWATCHES] 16Brand Fruit Chu Tint 05 Apricot Gummy

16Brand Fruit Chu Tint 05 Apricot Gummy Review

16Brand Fruit Chu Tint 05 Apricot Gummy Review:

When I was browsing for a new lip tint, I found this and my eyes are attracted to its name directly. I have tried a lipstick from 16Brand before and I found myself really liking the lipstick so when I saw that they came with a new lip product, I purchased it immediately. The price itself is not too expensive. It’s a bit higher than the lipstick but I guess it’s normal because usually a liquid lip product is slightly more expensive.

If I’m not mistaken, 16Brand has a ‘Chu’ collection for their lip products. They have ‘Taste Chu’ and ‘Fruity Chu’ lipstick series and judging by the name, I think this new tint is the liquid version of their ‘Fruity Chu’ lipstick and this time they make more shades available with wider variation. They have natural to bright shade range and of course I got the most natural one.

I know about 16Brand because a lot of Korean Youtubers were talking about their products but this time I can’t find any review about this tint. Even on YouTube I didn’t see anyone talking about this product. Maybe this tint is not as hyped as their older releases but that just makes me more curious to try because most of the times an unpopular product works perfectly well on me.

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[REVIEW+SWATCHES] 16Brand Filter Shot Contour Peach

16Brand Filter Shot Contour Peach Review

16Brand Filter Shot Contour Peach Review:

Contour is always a must have product for me because I have a chubby face, so I need something to make my cheekbones and jaw look more defined. I never tried any Korean contour since they are too warm for my liking and I prefer a light cool brown or ashy brown as my contour shade. Warm tone shade is better to bronzing than contour especially if you have fair skin tone. Cool tone shades are perfect for contour as it can mimic shadow so it will look more natural and real.

16Brand always advertise their products on Instagram and by sponsoring beauty influencers so I’m not surprised to see my feed is full of their advertisements. When I saw an Instagram ad for this product I got so intrigued. On the ad, you can see the model only swipe the brush on the product several times then apply it on her nose and she will get a beautiful contoured nose and for me, who have a hard time contouring my nose, this kind of product (if it’s working) may be the one I need in my life.

For the Filter Shot release, 16Brand made 2 types, one for contouring and the other one for bronzing. Actually the bronzer one looks promising as well but I need the contour one more so maybe I’ll purchase the bronzer later.

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[REVIEW+SWATCHES] 16Brand R U 16 Lipstick Taste Chu Edition Pink Nougat

16Brand R U 16 Lipstick Taste Chu Edition Pink Nougat Review

16Brand R U 16 Lipstick Taste Chu Edition Pink Nougat Review:

After I tried the 16 Cheek Shot blush from 16Brand, I got intrigued and wanted to try other products from them. Their blusher is so-so but they really good in making eye-catching packaging so it’s one of the main reason why I bought the 16 Chu Lipstick.

If I’m not mistaken, they have several 16 Chu Lipstick series, the regular series, the Fruity series, and the Taste Chu series. I’m not sure if they already have new series or not but so far the latest one is the Fruity series and I can’t find it in my country yet. The one I got is the Taste Chu edition.

Even though they only make it in 4 shades (and no neutral shades at all) I found the packaging interesting and cute. If you know about their 16 Magazine eyeshadow, this lipstick is made with same theme. They even make it as a set as well. 16Brand also promote the lipstick really well, I can see pictures and swatch videos of it every time I open Instagram.

I think it has quite high popularity in Korea because I always see Korean beauty bloggers hyping and writing good reviews of this product. The price is quite high as well but still affordable. The price range is similar to Innisfree so I think a lot of people still can buy it and try it themselves.

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[REVIEW] 16BRAND 16 Skin Guide Book Marine Collagen Shower Mask

16 Brand 16 Skin Guide Book Marine Collagen Shower Review

16BRAND 16 Skin Guide Book Marine Collagen Shower Mask was purchased Cosmeperks.

I have been dying to try 16Brand/Chosungah products so I jumped when the chance was given to me. I also purchased one of their famous tiny eyeshadow brushes, but that is a different story.

This mask’s design is attractive and the promises are tempting. The brand is well known in Korea for its quality, so even if you don’t try it yourself you should at least read this.

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[REVIEW] 16BRAND 16 Cheek Shot 01 Milk Tea Shot

16BRAND 16 Cheek Shot 01 Milk Tea Shot Review

16BRAND 16 Cheek Shot 01 Milk Tea Shot Review:

16 Brand (or previously known as Cho Sung Ah 22) is a Korean beauty brand with a unique and stylish concept. Before they are widely known, some of their products were sold at Sephora and quite popular in the States back in mid 2015. When I try to search for the products, I think Sephora didn’t sell it anymore and now the brand is more popular internationally as 16 Brand. True to their concept, almost all of their products have quite unique packaging but for their newer release, I think they changed it a bit so the concept is more feminine and cute.

If you are a beauty enthusiast, you must’ve heard about their famous duo eyeshadows. It is really popular but since it’s not my cup of tea, I decided to pick other products to try and one of them is the blusher. If I’m not mistaken they only have one powder blusher (the other being multi-products) and not gonna lie, the shade range really attracts me.

All of the shades are in ‘light’ category so it will suit for people with fair to light skin the most. If you have deep skin tone, maybe you’ll find the shades too pale for you. They have 4 shades and based on the swatch only, the shades have similar tone with a slight difference in the undertone. I think the blush is not as popular as the eyeshadows so it’s hard to find some reviews about it. Usually a non-hyped products work really well on me so I’m excited to try the blusher.

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