[REVIEW] A’pieu Olive Facial Oil Moisture Care

Apieu Olive Facial Oil Moisture Care Review

A’pieu Olive Facial Oil Moisture Care Review:

I have been using facial oils recently. I find they are a nice way of, mainly, turning a normal cream into a night cream. Also, they allow me to use less moisturizing creams that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to use in the winter – and would eventually go to waste because silly me had already opened them. I also use facial oils as a quick fix when out of the house, and as a sole moisturizer in some cases. And if you’re worried that facial oils aren’t for you just because you have oily skin: that is not necessarily the case. In fact, some oils can be more beneficial than creams!

But we are here to talk about this specific oil. Which I bought firstly because it was inexpensive – and I really wanted to see how good an inexpensive oil can be. And secondly because it was olive oil and I’m Mediterranean so try making me resist that.

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[REVIEW] A’PIEU Fruit Vinegar Sheet Mask Pomegranate

APIEU Fruit Vinegar Sheet Mask Pomegranate Review

A’PIEU Fruit Vinegar Sheet Mask Pomegranate was purchased by Cosmeperks.

There are two new additions to the A’pieu sheet mask family. They are tasty looking and smell delicious, they are something I would buy if they came in a juice bottle! Their mask sheets are affordable and have never disappointed me, so this is a new adventure of course I am looking forward to. There are two options: lemon and pomegranate. The first is for softening and brightening, the second for softening and moisturizing – so of course in the dry winter I went for the moisturizing one. Let’s see how it goes!

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[REVIEW] A’pieu Color Lip Stain Matte Fluid in shade CR02 Dried Up

Apieu Color Lip Stain Matte Fluid Review

A’pieu Color Lip Stain Matte Fluid in shade CR02 Dried Up Review:

I am starting to love Korean lip products over western brands for I find their matte formula more forgiving. I cannot question their quality because they usually feel light on the lips and crazy long lasting! My only gripe with Korean lip products is that they have very narrow color selection;

I’ve noticed that they are mostly pink, red, orange, or anything in between these hues so I was pretty ecstatic when I found what A’pieu released for their spring color for the Color Lip Stain Matte Fluid series! I’ve been eyeing this product for ages but I feel that the available shades are pretty repetitive. So when I saw good variety, I immediately bought A’pieu Color Lip Stain Matte Fluid in shade CR02 Dried Up.

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[REVIEW] A’pieu Madecassoside Gauze Mask Sheet

Apieu Madecassoside Gauze Mask Review

A’pieu Madecassoside Gauze Mask Sheet was purchased by Cosmeperks.

A’pieu has been on a roll releasing new products every month – and I don’t mean one or two products, but full collections! The collection they have been keeping more updated (and according to rumors better than other brands’ equivalent collections) is their Madecassoside one. The collection’s full of interesting products (including a hand repairing hand cream) that promise to care for the skin, but until then we can take a peek into what to expect by trying this mask! I genuinely believe that you can see the overall of a collection by trying the collection’s mask because a mask is like a concentrate of all the main ingredients of the collection.

So of course when CosmePerks mentioned this mask I jumped right to it!

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[REVIEW] A’pieu Wonder Tension Pact Madecassoside SPF30 PA++ | Shade 23

Apieu Wonder Tension Pact Madecassoside SPF30 PA++ Shade 23 Review

A’pieu Wonder Tension Pact Madecassoside SPF30 PA++ | Shade 23 Review:

A’pieu is a Korean cosmetic brand that is affordable but has amazing products. I follow a few Korean youtubers and a while back they all seemed to rave about the wonder tension pact from A’pieu, but I never had the urge to try it because I still had some cushions I was testing out.

I’ve gone through multiple tubes of A’pieu’s moisture concealer so when I visited Seoul I decided to test out quite a collection of their products ranging from makeup to skincare and see if I can find more gems. This review will be dedicated to their Wonder Tension Pact Madecassoside. Centella extract has been all the rage in Korean skincare, it’s almost like when snail extract first became popular- every brand has a range.

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[REVIEW] A’pieu Mashed Potato Pack

A'pieu Mashed Potato Pack Review

A’pieu Mashed Potato Pack was purchased by Cosmeperks.

The wonders of potatoes. Did you know you can literally grate a raw potato and put it on your face and it’ll be awesome for you skin? So when I saw this pack I didn’t know what it was (here in Korea they don’t always advertise the products for their utilities but for their special points – potatoes in this case) but I knew I would love to try it. A’pieu usually has hit or miss products, but they never once damaged my skin and the good ones are really really good – especially for the price.

So, not knowing what this baby was (which of course you know, because you read the title) I jumped to the store and have been using it ever since!

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[REVIEW] A’Pieu Madecassoside Cream

Apieu Madecassoside Cream Review

A’Pieu Madecassoside Cream Review:

With the presence of demand for madecassoside/centella asiatica-based products, it was hardly surprising to see so many skincare brands churning out some enticing items. And for someone who has skin on the more sensitive spectrum, I was definitely intrigued at the soothing claims. So, along with the toner/fluid from the same brand and line, I decided to add the cream to my ever expanding skincare collection.

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[REVIEW] A’Pieu Madecassoside Fluid

A’Pieu Madecassoside Fluid Review

A’Pieu Madecassoside Fluid Review:

Interestingly enough, I first discovered this product through one of the lists Cosmeperks produced in the earlier stages of the website. Specific link here. As I’m sensitive to high concentrations of hyaluronic acid in skincare, I was looking specifically for toners which omitted the ingredient completely – just to see if it’d make any difference to my usually flushed skin. And as the product also contained centella and madecassoside which have been made famous for their skin soothing properties, I was even more intrigued.

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[REVIEW] A’pieu Waterful Bamboo Soothing Gel

A'pieu Waterful Bamboo Soothing Gel Review

A’pieu Waterful Bamboo Soothing Gel Review:

The world of soothing gels is fit for any taste and any skin type. I first thought that this would be just a copy of the famous Aloe gels, but I found out that each type of gel has its own abilities and utilities and I know that this one can match an Aloe gel in some. I also know that it is less good at some things, but better at others.

Since soothing gels tend to be an affordable product, they are a staple in most people’s beauty cabinets, and definitely a staple in mine. If you haven’t used a Bamboo soothing gel, I’m sure you will get to know some cool stuff about it if you keep reading.

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