[REVIEW] 2018 NEW Benton Aloe Soothing Mask Pack

Benton Aloe Soothing Mask Pack Review

Benton Aloe Soothing Mask Pack Review:

Truth be told I first got this mask for testing from Benton. But then I liked it so much I bought it for myself again. I think it’s one of those products I’ll probably add to my shopping cart, at least one, whenever I order from Benton.

Benton is a cruelty free brand that truly tries to do what’s best for the skin, especially younger and developing skins can benefit from this brand and from their Aloe collection. I also have the same collection toner and soothing gel and let me tell you that if you like them you definitely want to try this mask too!

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[REVIEW] Benton Fermentation Eye Cream

Benton Fermentation Eye Cream Review

Benton Fermentation Eye Cream Review:

I first tried this product in samples. Benton is always very generous with the samples, so after receiving my new member sample kit, the 2 products they sent me to review, and the 2 other packages I received by purchasing them myself I had somewhere between 20 and 24 samples of this cream. I don’t know how much product is in each sample, but each sample is enough for me to use 4 times! So I tried it a lot, and then I purchased it.

I wasn’t going to purchase it, honestly, because I can just keep receiving the samples, but my previous eye cream finished and after the incident I had where my eyelashes fell out I didn’t want to risk something new. And let’s face it, Benton is natural, generally good, and is very affordable! So I bought two packs of this, and these are my thoughts after almost finishing the first one!

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[REVIEW] Benton Papaya-D Sun Cream SPF38 PA+++

Benton Papaya-D Sun Cream SPF38 PA+++ Review

Benton Papaya-D Sun Cream SPF38 PA+++ Review:

I debated whether to write a review about this product or not. Lots of you have already read the reviews for this cream, and many of you have tried it, since Benton is a relatively big name in the AB community. But since I had more information on this sun cream (because at this point Benton didn’t release only this sun cream but also another, stronger one) I thought I should still review it. Note that this is a review for the Papaya-D sun cream, D stands for Daily. So, honestly the low SPF and PA didn’t really surprise me, and I purchased the product anyway.

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[REVIEW] Benton Aloe Bha Skin Toner

Benton Aloe Bha Skin Toner Review

Benton Aloe Bha Skin Toner Review:

I am a bit toners and FTEs junkie. I mean, yes, I am skin care junkie from head to toe, but there is something about these liquid wonders that make my wallet itch. I have all sorts of them: pH adjusting, hydrating, with or without snail mucin, all types of fermented everything… Well, you get the picture. This one in particular is with aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, snail secretion filtrate, and very interesting BHA – salicylic acid.

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[REVIEW] Benton Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel

Benton Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel Review

Benton Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel Review:

As being a Korean skincare aficionado, and having skin this handful, looking up Benton’s window is pretty much inevitable. “It’s only logical” as would Spock say. Also browsing their website and seeing description of a product like this:

ALOE PROPOLIS SOOTHING GEL is for all types of skin including sensitive and troubled skin. The product contains Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, rich in polysaccharides and Propolis Extract, well known for its soothing properties. This soothing gel prevents skin damage, leaving skin refreshed and hydrated.   

Aaaand I was sold.

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[REVIEW] Benton Snail Bee High Content Skin

Benton Snail Bee High Content Skin Review

Benton Snail Bee High Content Skin Review:

I bought this product because I ran out of my toner and I wanted to try something new. I remembered one of my friends saying that Benton products are amazing for her skin so I was curious about how it will react with my skin.

Plus I never tried snail products before so it was really something new for me and when you look at it , it has a pump so the first thing that comes to your mind is the word hygienic.

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[Review] Benton Fermentation Essence

Benton Fermentation Essence Review

Benton Fermentation Essence was purchased by Cosmeperks for review purposes.

I am not gonna lie and pretend that I do some thorough research before I decide to buy a product –guess I’ve had enough readings IRL. If the mass says it’s good, I take their word for it, rush through the mall (or add it to my cart), close my eyes and pray that it would work well enough with my skin. I guess us girls, would have to admit that we’ve reached this point in trying to chase that chok chok skin.

Amongst the rising super ingredients in Asian Beauty is Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate –I have seen quite a lot of products having this as their main ingredient. In fact, I have already acquired a GFF Essence in the past and it was quite good. But then, it wouldn’t be much of a skincare journey if I stop with something that is just quite good, right? Now allow me to breakdown for you another galactomyces product from a well-known brand – Benton Fermentation Essence.

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[Review] Benton Honest TT Mist

Benton Honest TT Mist Review

Benton Honest TT Mist Review:

The summer heat is driving me nuts. It’s making me uncomfortable and icky most times so I have this urge to wash myself (hands, face and whatnot) as much as I can –funny thing is, I feel this whenever I am outside so water and soap may not be really available at all times. Some prefer to freshen up with wet wipes but I find it sticky even if you say that these wipes were practically soaked in water. I can do with alcohol even if they are drying but it only applies to my body parts. Now, what about my face? Logically, I searched for a good facial mist and that is how I found Benton Honest TT Mist.

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[Review] Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream

Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream Review

I see Benton products quite a lot on the internet, especially the Snail Bee line. Since my skin doesn’t react negatively with snail-based product, I tend to get a hold of them especially the highly raves one. I had the Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence and I love its effects on my skin. I love it so much that I decided to get the same product but this time, as a cream.

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