[Review] Bifesta Brightening Cleansing Lotion

Bifesta Brightening Cleansing Lotion Review

Bifesta Brightening Cleansing Lotion Review:

I had once tried a deluxe sample of this without  knowing it was this product. It is one of the most famous cleansing waters around (although it’s called a lotion it’s really not very lotion-like). Without knowing I had already tried this once, I got my hands on the Hello Kitty version of it!

I wasn’t originally a big Hello Kitty fan but when I went to a place called Hello Kitty Island (think of it as a Hello Kitty museum) I started valuing her for all that she has done for women. I mean, I already liked her friend Cinnamoroll, so it’s not that I disliked the cat! I just didn’t care much about the cat itself.

Regardless, this Hello Kitty version is exclusive to Korea (for some reason) but the product inside is the classic Bifesta “blue bottle” brightening cleansing lotion of the same name (also known as bright up cleansing lotion).

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