[REVIEW] Celderma Make Up Quick Priming Mask

Celderma Make Up Quick Priming Mask Review

Celderma Make Up Quick Priming Mask Review:

I will come right out and say it: I’m not sure I buy this whole priming mask thing. But I am very intrigued by it being a quick mask that is done in up to five minutes, and that is an enough selling point for me! Of course I will be judging it also regarding the priming abilities and it better surprise me because if it has priming in the name I expect it to do as much of a good job as my priming sun cream. At least.

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[REVIEW] Celderma Crystal Skin Mask

Celderma Crystal Skin Mask Review

Celderma Crystal Skin Mask Review:

Do you know who is the queen advertising these masks? Song Jihyo from Running Man! I’m a huge fan (of her as an actress, I’m just aware she’s more famous for Running Man), and I thought her skin was so much better when Banila Co made her a project and had her have no makeup but proper skin care. From then on I thought if Song Jihyo swears by a product it may actually be effective.

Anyway, that’s what drove me to try Celderma, which is the brand she endorses now. This specific mask promotes Glass Skin, and let’s face it, that’s one thing Jihyo had far ahead of her time! I want to try glass skin too.

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