[REVIEW] Dr. Mind Apot Red Mask Sheet

Dr. Mind Apot Red Mask Sheet Review

Dr. Mind Apot Red Mask Sheet Review:

Dr. Mind is a brand that targets skin issues faced by the majority of the people, providing solutions from a medical perspective. This mask is part of the pre & post breakout line which- as the name says, can help with breakouts. It’s not a really well-known brand however, it’s been getting quite some attention on social media. As soon as I saw a photo of this red mask, I instantly fell in love.

At first, I could only find this mask for crazy prices (almost as expensive as the SKII masks which I’d obviously prefer) so I dug in to find out what makes this mask special (even though I ended up buying it for a normal price and not 20 dollars). This mask is supposed to be good for exhausted skin due to stress which caught my eye as stress is one of the biggest factors that people’s skin is not in its best condition (at least mine isn’t thanks to it). So, let’s see, will this mask ~take my stress away~?

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