[REVIEW] Duft & Doft beVERYclear Peeling Gel

Duft & Doft beVERYclear Peeling Gel Review

Duft & Doft beVERYclear Peeling Gel Review:

My favorite part of skincare is exfoliating. It’s fun but also very important. Exfoliating takes away a lot of things that shouldn’t be on the skin. In my opinion, it is a vital part on everyone’s routine. I remember reading an interview of the group kard on allure (yeah I know, it doesn’t really add up), and the members said the one step they can’t go without is exfoliating. If I can trust someone’s advice, that’s people with flawless skin.

I’ve been wanting to try this type of peel for years since it is less harsh on the skin than normal (not chemical) peels and it’s veeery satisfying to see more and more gunk coming out of the skin. I was in between this one and the secret key lemon peel but I decided on this one since it contains AHA, an ingredient that’s very famous for working well against acne.

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