HELLOSKIN JUMISO Water Splash Mask Review

HELLOSKIN JUMISO Water Splash Mask Review:

HELLOSKIN Jumiso itself has proclaimed quite a nice meaning toward the brand. In Korean, ‘ju’ (주다) means to give while ‘miso’ means smile, so literally ‘jumiso’ means to give smile. Or to make us smile, maybe? On the official website, HELLOSKIN Jumiso advertisement is like this : “Change your daily mask pack to our HELLOSKIN and put a big smile on your face. HELLOSKIN concentrates on the small things to create a big effect.”

Let’s be honest since the beginning. I’ve been eyeing the Jumiso sheet masks from quite a long time ago, but I had to restrain the desire to buy one. This brand has relatively higher price compared to we-all-know brands like Etude House, Nature Republic, The Face Shop, and so on. While I’m pretty satisfied with Etude House Air Therapy mask sheet, why should I buy other (more expensive) brands?

However, people say that “never let go of the things you can’t stop thinking about”. So I finally decided to buy two variants of Jumiso sheet masks; Jumiso Water-splash Sheet Mask and Jumiso First Skin-Lightening Sheet Mask. Besides these two, there are also Jumiso Rich Nourishment Sheet Mask, Jumiso Whoa Whoa Soothing Mask, and Jumiso Chewy Elasticity Sheet Mask that were launched together.

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