[REVIEW] Kailijumei Bright Surplus Flower Jelly Lipstick

Kailijumei Bright Surplus Flower Jelly Lipstick Review

Kailijumei Bright Surplus Flower Jelly Lipstick Review:

I do not normally wear makeup because I have such huge pores that I feel like any foundation I apply will clog them up and in the long run, this cannot be good for my skin. So, the only two makeup items that I allow myself are lipsticks and blushers. My Achilles heel has to be lipsticks and lipbalms. I gift them to myself on all special occasions: new job present, Monday present, birthday present, Tuesday present, break-up-with boyfriend present, Wednesday present, Xmas present, Thursday present…you get the idea. Its like an incurable disease I have – this urge to purchase lipsticks.

One morning, I was reading a magazine article on lipsticks and it mentioned this brand called Kailijumei. It said that this pH-adjusting lipstick made by a Chinese company that had dried flowers and gold flecks in it was apparently the hype among beauty bloggers. Flowers? Gold flecks? pH-adjusting? These were all unusual sounding references for a lipstick so I immediately bought one for myself to try.

Since I last bought this lipstick, Kailijumei have expanded into lip glosses. Their original website is rather simplistic with no information about the company. You just select the product you want and checkout. I guess there is nothing much to say when you’re essentially selling the same product with the only variation being the colour of the embedded dried flower. However, head on to their UK website if you want more detail.

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