[REVIEW] Lebaton Color Fit Lipstick in Rose Coral

Lebaton Color Fit Lipstick in Rose Coral Review

Lebaton Color Fit Lipstick in Rose Coral Review:

Lip product will never lose its popularity among girls from time to time. There are lots of lip trend from 2016 which still shows its existence in 2017. One of them is the matte lipstick. A brand called Lebaton which has been around for almost a year also came with their first ever lip product last April in collaboration with Oh Seungah who used to be a member of K-Pop group, Rainbow. The lip product is called the Color Fit Lipstick which claims to be a semi-matte lipstick with a vivid color.

For your information, I never tried a Lebaton product before but I heard of their sheet masks being a good one from few beauty bloggers. So, I feel excited that I get to try one of the first make up product from this brand. I got this product as a part of Althea’s Matte Box which I received at the beginning of July. Since then, I have been using this lip product in turns with the Chica Y Chico Matt Lip. To be honest, I feel like I love every lip products that Althea has as a part of their box. I am in love with this lipstick the moment I apply it for the first time. Now, let us jump to the review!

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