[REVIEW] Paul & Joe Beaute Treatment Lipstick

Paul & Joe Beaute Treatment Lipstick Review

Paul & Joe Beaute Treatment Lipstick Review:

If I should choose two things I love most in this world, I will go to makeup and cats. So, when found a makeup in a cat shape, of course, I bought it without a thought. Thanks to Paul & Joe Beaute for making such a super cute beauty products, hhaha. But, by the way, do you know Paul & Joe? Most of us may know this is a fashion brand but actually this brand has beauty line (skincare and makeup) too, known as Paul & Joe Beaute.

Anyway, today I will give you my review of Paul & Joe Beaute Treatment Lipstick, which has a purr-fect and cute cat shape on its tip. This product was launched for 2017 Autumn Creation (on August 1st, last year), together with the Pearl Lipstick. And for your information, the lipstick itself (called “refill”) and the lipstick case are sold separately. Honestly, that’s a little bit stingy in my opinion, hhaha. But since the cat lipstick is too adorable to be rejected, I can forgive it. And the pretty blue-white case that I bought was newly released last autumn too. Fret not, let’s jump to the review and find out how this cutie cat works!

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