[REVIEW] Pony Effect Ultimate Prep Primer Hydrate

Pony Effect Ultimate Prep Primer Hydrate Review

Pony Effect Ultimate Prep Primer Hydrate Review:

I’m sure every K-beauty enthusiasts must have heard Pony’s name before, at least once in their lives. Pony, or Park Hye Mi, was an ulzzang (best face/someone with beautiful face) from South Korea and she started getting more famous after her segment Pony Beauty Diary on InsiteTV became a big hit.

Since then she started her own makeup tutorial channel and became more famous internationally and honestly her makeup skill is no joke! She even worked as Korean idols makeup artist. She announced her collaboration with Memebox but then she made her own makeup line called Pony Effect.

I do have oily yet rough skin texture and it’s very hard for me to find a good product that will match my skin condition. If I used product for oily skin, my skin texture becomes more rough and dry but if I used moisturizing product, it makes my skin produces more sebum.

After researching about my skin, turns out I have a dehydrated skin and hydrating products will be the best solution for me. That’s why I choose this primer because it has ‘Hydrate’ option whereas her other primers are for mattifying and moisturizing only.

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