[REVIEW+SWATCHES] Romand Zero Velvet Tint 04 Burnt Heart

Romand Zero Velvet Tint 04 Burnt Heart Review

Romand Zero Velvet Tint 04 Burnt Heart was purchased by Cosmperks.

If you follow Korean beauty bloggers on Instagram, then you must’ve heard about this brand Rom&nd (read as Rom-and). When I searched about the brand, it was revealed that Romand is a Korean beauty brand made by a celebrity makeup artist and YouTuber Saeron Min (widely known as Gaeko). Lately they really did well in promoting their brand by endorsing some well-known beauty bloggers. When I checked their website, they didn’t have too many products, they only have several lip products, some eye palettes, and a blusher.

One of the most promoted product is the Zero Velvet Tint which Nigama offered me to try. They claim it as a velvet tint but after I tried it, I don’t think it belongs to tint category, it’s more like a lip cream instead of a tint. If you are familiar with western style lip cream, you will find a lot of similarities with this product.

The Zero Velvet Tint is available in 6 shades and most of them are more on the darker side. It has various undertones such as red, orange, and rosy from the swatch picture but since everyone has different skin undertone, I am curious on how the shade will look on me.

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