[REVIEW] Skin79 Vita Glow BB Master

Skin79 Vita Glow BB Master Review

Skin79 Vita Glow BB Master Review:

I was watching the StyleCast trend report segment on Arirang channel and this Skin79 Vital Glow BB Master was being introduced. I have heard about the brand Skin79 and its highly raved BB creams but had never gotten down to try any. The BB Master is touted as a new concept product that blends ampoule with BB Cream, thus providing skincare and coverage at the same time.

It just sounded so good, I quickly googled to see how to get my hands on this. I think it was a relatively new product then (in Apr 2017) and I had a hard time finding it online. Even up till now, I also do not see it selling on the more common platforms such as Amazon and Ebay. Being the non-conformist, I am always game to try out the lesser known products. It can be rather exciting and satisfying to find a hidden gem out there.

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