[REVIEW] SkinRX Lab MadeCera Return Cream

SkinRX Lab MadeCera Return Cream Review

SkinRX Lab MadeCera Return Cream Review:

For those with poor moisture barrier and skin sensitivity issues, ingredients such as ceramide and madecassoside/centella asiatica would surely be familiar faces at this point. Boasting skin repairing and anti-inflammatory properties, these ingredients are almost always the talk of the town when someone complains of dehydrated and/or irritated skin.

Hence, when a couple of my friends were talking about this cream after their trips to Seoul (at the time, SkinRX Lab products were pretty scarce and less accessible online if I’m not mistaken), I definitely became curious and almost cried in gratefulness when one of them decided to gift me a tube of it earlier in the year for my birthday (I may be a bit over-dramatic). So, did this product end up being a savior for my fickle, problematic skin?

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