[Review] Son and Park Beauty Water

Son and Park Beauty Water Review

Son and Park Beauty Water Review:

I am already an avid follower of the double cleansing method, but as I came across the possibility of beauty waters and a third cleanse I became intrigued by this next step. I knew that double cleansing with an oil based and a water-based cleanser greatly improved my skin texture and was excellent for removing a full face of makeup and impurities. However, the third cleanse with the Son and Park Beauty Water was meant for removing any remaining traces of make-up or debris. As I researched the Beauty Water more, I discovered that it was truly a multi-tasking product, which is always a bonus for me. Not only can it be used as a third cleanse toner at the end of the day, but it can also be used in the morning to prep the skin for makeup application, or anytime in the middle of the day to refresh the skin! Let’s see how this lovely multi-tasking toner fared for my skin.

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