[REVIEW] TIAM My Little Pore Fix Source

TIAM My Little Pore Fix Source Review

TIAM My Little Pore Fix Source was purchased by Cosmeperks.

I was teased by a lot of good reviews of this serum on some beauty forums. Yes, Tiam My Little Pore Fix Source became popular lately, well at least in my country. Even I met this lovely blue baby like everywhere when I did online window shopping. And now, I am delighted to share my review as I got a chance to try this serum.

By the way, aside from many good reviews over there, I was also interested with the key ingredients of this serum. Tannin, Sesaflash, Centella Asiatica (oh, I love this!), and Conalbumin. If you haven’t yet known about the benefits of these ingredients, read below. They sound very promising! And since I have issue with large pores (also oily T-zone and blemishes) thus I put a big expectation on this serum. Let’s see what kind of result it gives!

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[REVIEW] TIAM My Signature C Source

Tiam My Signature C Source Review

Tiam My Signature C Source Review:

I have, for nearly 2 years now, been incorporating a vitamin C serum in both my daily and nightly skincare routine. However, the serum(s) that I used only contained a 5% maximum concentration of vitamin C and it was quite expensive for a small amount. I did more research in the blogosphere and finally decided to give this much talked about serum a shot. This baby here contains a 20% concentration of vitamin C and was much cheaper! You don’t have to tell me twice. On the day it arrived, I started using it and have been very happy with the results.

This product used to be known as the O.S.T. C20 serum and Tiam (the company that produces the serum) is part of the Cosrx family. Now, I have a lot of faith in the entire Cosrx products line and so unsurprisingly, this blind faith extended to Tiam as well. I was not disappointed. This faint citrus scented serum has become my favourite part of my skincare routine, not only because I love the smell of oranges but mainly because it has actually helped lighten some of the scarring I had from blemishes around my chin area (the result of being a woman and suffering through hormonal blemishes during that time of the month).

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