[REVIEW+SWATCHES] VT Cosmetics BTS Collagen Pact BLACK 21

VT Cosmetics BTS Collagen Pact BLACK 21 Review

VT Cosmetics BTS Collagen Pact BLACK 21 Review:

It is not a new product but still be a best seller item on VT’s website. Hence, I guess it’s not too late to write this review now (though VT had just released other makeup collections last month, hehe). I think you already knew this product too. Yess, VT X BTS Collagen Pact (Black). A product that became crazily popular because it collaborated with BTS (Bangtan Boys), a South Korean boy band.

I didn’t notice this product because I was not familiar with VT Cosmetics (and I’m not an ARMY too). Moreover, in my country, this product is famous with its nickname ‘BTS Cushion’ (ha?!). I’m not sure what you call it in your country, but most of my friends call it BTS Cushion. Thus, I thought it’s just an usual bb cushion. But once I, accidentally, watched a video on YouTube and found out that it is a COLLAGEN pact, I immediately hunted it! Because I love collagen!

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[REVIEW] VT x BTS Collagen Pact SPF50+ PA+++ | #21

VT x BTS Collagen Pact #21 Review

VT x BTS Collagen Pact #21 Review:

Since June 2017, articles and social media sites were buzzing about the anticipated cosmetics collaboration with unknown brand VT Cosmetics and popular Korean band BTS. Around October, the brand launched two foundation cushion compacts – a black one and a white one, both containing collagen in the formulas. The black compact was targeted for mid-twenties and older skin, while the white compact was for early to mid-twenties. Many were flocking to the black compact, while I gravitated to the white compact after reading translated descriptions of the formulas via the brand’s website.

VT Cosmetics, formerly Vant Cosmetics, originally specialized in oral health. They’ve rebranded themselves as a mid to upper end health and beauty brand offering a range of products to help with overall body health. Celebrity endorsement aside, their compact was the only foundation product I’ve seen that includes collagen in the formula. Because I’m in my mid-twenties, the thought of trying something with collagen in it sounded appealing, as I’ve been encouraged to take care of my skin before it starts changes with age. The special compact was offered in shade, 21, when I purchased it. Since its launch, the brand has introduced a warmer shade, 23 as another option.

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