[REVIEW+SWATCHES] The Saem Mousse Candy Tint 6 Chai Tea

The Saem Mousse Candy Tint 6 Chai Tea Review

The Saem Mousse Candy Tint 6 Chai Tea Review:

Raise your hand if you’re a sucker for cute packaging! If you just did, then Korean lip tints are probably your biggest weakness (like me!). One of the cutest in my collection is definitely this The Saem Mousse Candy Tint (Disney edition). The original packaging is already cute but this one with Minnie Mouse on front is just extra adorable. Of course, cute packaging is nice and all but what we’re actually after is great quality right? Luckily, in this case, you can have both.

I first encountered this lip tint while browsing through Shopee but felt wary because there seems to be a lot of shops that sell fake versions of this. Nonetheless, my desire to try out this cutie didn’t stop me from buying it. I found a shop that sells an authentic one for a reasonable price (in my case it was around $5).

There are 10 shades to choose from: 01 Redmango, 02 Strawberry, 03 Carrot, 04 Grapefruit, 05 Yogurtberry, 06 Chai Tea, 07 Dark Cherry, 08 Apricot, 09 Peanut, and 10 Strawberry Cheese. The names of the shades are actually good descriptions of the colors they represent. I chose 06 Chai Tea, which is a darker rose shade, because it’s a color that I still didn’t have in my collection.

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[REVIEW+SWATCHES] 3CE Mood Recipe 2 Matte Lip Color 221 MellowFlower

3CE Mood Recipe 2 Matte Lip Color 221 MellowFlower Review

3CE Mood Recipe 2 Matte Lip Color 221 MellowFlower Review:

I was always intrigued by 3CE’s products for their simple packaging. It was totally up my alley. Then, when I was scrolling through Yesstyle I first saw this product. I loved the shade, but I was afraid to purchase since it’s a matte lipstick. I’m usually not a fan of matte lipsticks, so when I got it through the Yesstyle Advent Calendar, I was so happy to give it a try!

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[REVIEW+SWATCHES] BANILA Co Covericious Power Fit Foundation 19 Cream

BANILA Co Covericious Power Fit Foundation 19 Cream Review

BANILA Co Covericious Power Fit Foundation 19 Cream Review:

I’ve been wanting to try this foundation for a really long time. If I’m not mistaken, this was released back in March or April this year but at that time I wasn’t aware of the foundation, not until I saw the reviews a month ago. I only saw some (I think it was less than 5) reviews about it in English and it’s surprising because BANILA Co is a pretty famous Korean beauty brand internationally, but there are tons of videos and blogs talking about it in Korean because it was so hyped and popular there.

BANILA CO is one of the ‘up-there’ road shop Korean brands, means they have more expensive price compared to other road shop brands like Etude, Skinfood, The Saem etc yet doesn’t belong to the luxurious brands either. In my country BANILA CO is pretty expensive so the only way I can afford the foundation is by buying it directly from Korea to get more affordable price.

BANILA CO advertised it as a ‘full coverage’ foundation with lightweight feeling and stay up to 36 hours of wearing with Hydrolyzed Collagen that will help with skin elasticity. After I read the claim I was so intrigued! As a woman who almost being 30, any product containing collagen is a must try so let’s see if the foundation will do wonders on my skin or not.

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[REVIEW+SWATCHES] New 2019 3CE Cloud Lip Tint Peach Tease

3CE Cloud Lip Tint Peach Tease Review

3CE Cloud Lip Tint Peach Tease was purchased by Cosmeperks.

Cloud lip tint is the latest release from 3 Concept Eyes, not long after they released the Smoothing lip tint. 3CE is one of many brands who keeps releasing new products so it’s not unexpected to see they came with a brand new item regularly. I am a fan of 3CE so it’s always exciting to see the new releases and I’m very grateful to Nigama who once again trust me and offer me this lip tint to try!

They claim this lip tint has a satin finish with ‘fluffy cloud-like’ formula, thus the name but maybe because I’ve tried so many tints with similar description to this one, I assume it’s a lip tint with soft texture and velvet finish. I watched their advertisement on YouTube too and from what I’d seen, my assumption was spot on. If you saw the video, then you must’ve seen that the lip tint is indeed a velvet lip tint.

Since it’s a very new release, it’s a little bit hard to find online stores who sell it. I think in another month or two, other online stores will start to sell it and you will get easier access to get the lip tint to try. For now, if you find a store who sells it and want to buy it, make sure that the product is original because 3CE is known as a brand who got copied the most (and there are tons of shops sell fake 3CE product).

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[REVIEW+SWATCHES] Missha Cover Maestro Tip Concealer 17 Pianissimo

Missha Cover Maestro Tip Concealer 17 Pianissimo Review

Missha Cover Maestro Tip Concealer 17 Pianissimo Review:

I guess I was so late in discovering this concealer because when I was browsing to find a good Korean concealer to replace my beloved A’Pieu moist creamy concealer, this showed up with the most good reviews. Everyone was talking and did review on it and I wonder how I didn’t hear anything about it before. Even Morgan from TheBeautyBreakdown, my favorite Youtuber, said that this concealer is pretty good and didn’t crease on her. I was sold once I saw her review about it.

The price is very affordable for a product from Missha and I’m happy to see that they have more than 2 shades available. I always had a hard time in finding the perfect concealer shade for me since I need a lighter shade than my skin tone because I used concealer to highlight my under eyes area. That’s why I’m excited to see they have a shade light enough!

If I’m not mistaken, they also have the pot/cream version of this concealer but in my experience, cream concealer never worked on me so I picked the liquid version. Just for information, a cream concealer usually has more coverage than a liquid one so if you like this concealer but need a better coverage, maybe you can try the pot version.

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[REVIEW+SWATCHES] ROMAND See Through Matte Tint 03 Through Coral

Romand See Through Matte Tint 03 Through Coral Review

Romand See Through Matte Tint 03 Through Coral Review:

After the Juicy Lasting Tint, once again I decided to spend my money on the latest tint from Romand, the See Through Matte Tint. It’s been so well-advertised on Instagram and I also heard about them from Korean beauty influencers on Youtube. Most of them were saying that the tints have good qualities, not drying, and pigmented so me, as a girl who is easy to persuade, finally bought it to try.

If compared to the Zero Velvet Tint, I think it’s pretty obvious that these 2 have different formula but most of the time Korean version of velvet and matte are not that different. If you saw some reviews on both products then you will notice that both finishes are looking very similar. The Zero Velvet Tint is not my favorite so I hope the See Through Matte Tint will perform better and longer on my lips.

These days I saw most Korean online shops who did worldwide shipping are selling Romand products including this tint so it’s easy to find if you want to try it too. The price is pretty affordable so it’s still budget-friendly.

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[REVIEW+SWATCHES] 3CE Smoothing Lip Tint Have a Blast

3CE Smoothing Lip Tint Have a Blast Review

3CE Smoothing Lip Tint Have a Blast Review:

Finally 3 Concept Eyes is back with a new lip tint!

Since they released the Velvet tint (which is a huge hit and one of my favorite lip tint), I’m curious to see if they will make another one with better quality. About a month ago when I was browsing my favorite online shop, I’ve seen the new Smoothing Lip Tint and I was so excited I bought it right away.

I love how 3CE really showcases their lip tints, they really want to show the customers on how to make a makeup style to match the tint colors, so I always find these information are very helpful. You can also check on their website to see the full information about the tint along with the ingredient list.

They only have 5 shades and all of them are on the bold side. I think the shades are perfect for summer but as a fan of natural lip color, I hope they can make more shades in the future. If you love bold and bright lip color, then you will this collection fun and interesting.

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[REVIEW+SWATCHES] A’PIEU Personal Tone Foundation W01 Porcelain

A'PIEU Personal Tone Foundation W01 Porcelain Review

A’PIEU Personal Tone Foundation W01 Porcelain Review:

I think the Personal Tone Foundation is one of the most well-known foundations from A’Pieu, it even beats its ancestor, the Triple Wear Foundation (which I really dislike). The Personal Tone Foundation is a foundation made specifically for fitting every skin tone with different undertones. A’Pieu ensures that everyone will at least find their matching tone because in total, they have 12 shades.

I didn’t plan to get this foundation but after saw that it was on sale, I bought it immediately and lucky me, my shade, W01 Porcelain was in stock. If you notice, the shades have 3 different numerations start from C for cool, W for warm, and N for neutral. Actually I should get the neutral shade but it was sold out at that moment so the warm one is my choice.

Honestly, I think 12 shades is nothing if compared to other foundations from the west that have up to 60 shades but for a Korean drugstore brand, I really appreciate how they decide to make a foundation line with these shades selection. If you are a foreigner who lives in Korea and having a hard time in finding base makeup for your skin tone, I think this one can be your best friend.

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[REVIEW+SWATCHES] Romand Juicy Lasting Tint 06 FigFig

Romand Juicy Lasting Tint 06 FigFig Review

Romand Juicy Lasting Tint 06 FigFig Review:

December last year, I got the opportunity to try the famous Romand Zero Velvet Tint and even though it has good qualities, I find it a tad bit too drying for my lips. Months after, I saw that Romand has renewed their Juicy Lasting Tint. I’m not too sure if they reformulate it as well or just placed it in a new packaging, but I still curious and finally got the chance to try it.

From the Juicy Lasting Tint, I expected to see a shiny tint with plumping effect to make a juicy lips look. The reviews I read before were divided, some love it while the others weren’t too fond of the tint. I don’t like glosses but I do like shiny lip tint because they make my lips look plumper and they also doesn’t make my lips feel dry hence I really want to try this tint since long ago.

I don’t expect the tint to last very long since it’s more on the shiny side so I won’t judge it by the long lasting-ness but I hope it will perform well and look good on the lips. If you saw the official swatch pictures, they are really pretty so let’s see if it will live to my expectation or not.

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