[REVIEW] Cezanne Natural Cheek N AUTUMN COLOR 16 Cassis Rose

Cezanne Natural Cheek N AUTUMN COLOR 16 Cassis Rose Review:

Cezanne is a major drugstore cosmetics brand in Japan, and is known for their wide variety of high-quality makeup products. With simple but extremely compact casing showcasing a huge range of colors in their blushers, eyeshadows, and more, who could resist?

I ended up taking home the Cezanne Natural Cheek N in #16 Cassis Rose which is the perfect autumn and winter shade of blush. To be honest, I don’t have high expectations for blushers — they just need to stay put for when my makeup’s on — but Cezanne really blew me away with this product!


+ This is a matte-type blush that blends softly and naturally, and covers unevenness from pores.

+ This comes with a natural hair brush that is gentle on skin.

+ Fragrance-free with no mineral oils, and contains 90% mineral ingredients

+ Alcohol free

Not listed

Cezanne Natural Cheek N AUTUMN COLOR 16 Cassis Rose Review

Volume: 4g

How to use:
Not stated

My Skin Type: Oily, dehydrated, acne-prone, sensitive

Cezanne Natural Cheek N AUTUMN COLOR 16 Cassis Rose Review:

First and foremost, this shade in #16 Cassis Rose is absolutely gorgeous, and is what drew me to the product. It’s a deep plum color that is a rare find globally, let alone in the Asian beauty market where coral blush shades are favored.

The packaging is nothing fancy; it comes in a plastic case with a tiny brush so that you can apply it on-the-go; I prefer to use my own blush brush since the one included is tiny and slightly hard to handle, and I also don’t tend to touch up when I’m out.

Cezanne Natural Cheek N AUTUMN COLOR 16 Cassis Rose Review

There are floral imprints on the actual blush, which is an adorable touch. Since packaging is quite small, the actual pan that the product is in is also small, so it is a little challenging to get it evenly onto a normal-sized blush brush. I do enjoy its small size as it takes up barely any room in my travel makeup bag!

Getting the blush evenly distributed onto the brush is crucial, because wow, is this product pigmented! Since it’s in such deep purple shade that stays true to pan, it’s extremely noticeable even with a light hand.

Cezanne Natural Cheek N AUTUMN COLOR 16 Cassis Rose Review

I learned my lesson the first time I applied this: I swirled it twice in the pan and onto my cheeks, and it just kept building up, until it looked like I had two purple diagonal stripes on my face — not my best look.

The key to application is using a light hand when both swiping the brush in the pan and also when applying onto the face. The product is extremely buildable, so it’s extremely advisable that you start out light and then slowly build up if you find it necessary — it might take a few tries to get used to. Because it’s so pigmented, it can be used as an eyeshadow if you’re going for a monotone look!

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The finish of this blush is your standard matte — nothing to write home about in terms of its texture. I find that it lasts all day even without setting powder or setting spray. It applies and stays put without any streakiness or patchiness.

Overall, this is a great blush, for its price, that is compact enough to take around for travel. It comes in 11 different shades ranging from your standard pinks and corals to a true orange to, of course, this plum burgundy shade.

Frankly, I bought this product for its unique color, and so just for that, I’m very satisfied with it, although it also ticks all the boxes in terms of quality — pigmented, long-lasting, and easy-to-use.

I wouldn’t say that it’s out of this world, but it’s a very solid and decent blush if any of their shades happen to appeal to you and you can get your hands on some Cezanne!

Where to buy:

Yesstyle | Kirei-Station

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  1. I just love that color! Actually, the size of the pan reminds me of the Covergirl blushes.
    I haven’t tried many Japanese products so am very interested in expanding into that realm of the beauty and skincare world.
    It’s so sad to say this but all of my skincare has been seriously ousted in favor of Korean products. The quality and efficiency of their products far exceed US brands and standards.


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