[REVIEW] CLIO Dermatory Allantoin Hypoallergenic Moisturizing Toner

CLIO Dermatory Allantoin Hypoallergenic Moisturizing Toner Review:

I guess it is kind of obvious that I’m a fan of Dermatory products, considering this is the third product from them that I’m reviewing! Well I didn’t like the Dermatory sunscreen, but the emollient (emulsion) was great, and so I wanted to try the toner too. With dry and dehydrated skin, I’m always on the look out for hydrating watery toners. Dermatory markets this one as being good for sensitive skin and as being soothing. I wondered if it would be something similar to Etude House’s Soon Jung toner (which is great), as in ideal for when your skin is irritated.

It also has a short ingredient list and contains many interesting things – such as Ceramide NP, allantoin and a lot of extracts including centella, fig, honey and damask rose flower water. So, it sounded like another watery, hydrating toner with the added benefits of centella and ceramide! It also contains panthenol, like Etude House’s Soon Jung. Read on if you’re curious to see how hydrating and soothing this toner is!


+ Allantoin is a natural substance extracted mainly from perennials such as comfrey, oak, and wheat sprouts

+ Ancient Roman soldiers apparently used allantoin to heal their wounds

+ Moist water type toner soothes the skin from the first step of skin care


Purified Water, Glycerin, Methylpropanediol, 1,2-hexanediol, Portulaca Oleracea  Extract, Centella Asiatic Extract, Fig Fruit Extract, Honey Extract, Olive Fruit Extract, Damask Rose Flower Water, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Panthenol, Allantoin, Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid, Disodium Edta, Cellulose Gum, Ceramide Np, Pentyleneglycol, Ethylhexylglycerin

Volume: 300ml

How to use:

Use at the first step of skin care, after cleansing

CLIO Dermatory Allantoin Hypoallergenic Moisturizing Toner Review

My Skin Type: Dry, easily dehydrated skin with mild rosacea.

CLIO Dermatory Allantoin Hypoallergenic Moisturizing Toner Review:

Dermatory’s Toner comes packaged exactly like the emollient – in a cardboard box with the same type of solid plastic bottle. I actually really like the design of the box and the bottle. The images look very old fashioned, but I like that about it. The bottle also has a place to put the date of when you opened it, which is handy and makes it easy to work out how long you’ve had the bottle open for.

The opening is quite similar to the emollient but this bottle is firm, as in you don’t need to squeeze it. The toner pours out quite easily and is very fluid and watery. It’s exactly like Soon Jung, in the sense that you have to be careful that you don’t pour out too much and thus have it drip through your fingers.

CLIO Dermatory Allantoin Hypoallergenic Moisturizing Toner Review

The texture of the toner is typical of a hydrating watery toner – very fluid and watery. Which makes it easy to waste and also very easy to apply in multiple layers. I did notice a mild chemical scent when I first used it, but I don’t really notice much of a scent now. It doesn’t have any kind of strong fragrance, at least not in my opinion.

CLIO Dermatory Allantoin Hypoallergenic Moisturizing Toner Review

Now for the ingredients, as previously mentioned it has quite a short ingredient list, and it also has a number of common ingredients in it. The second ingredient is glycerin which is a well-known humectant, that means it’s good at retaining moisture. A good ingredient to have a in a hydrating toner, I think as we want the moisture to stay in our skin.

The next ingredient is methylpropanediol, which is a solvent that helps other ingredients penetrate the skin. 1,2-hexanediol is a very common ingredient in skincare, and it’s made up of many chemicals which supposedly are able to do many things (including curing cancer…) which honestly, seems a little bit far fetched for skin care. Maybe it really is a miracle ingredient?

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Various extracts are the next ingredients including “portulaca extracts”, I’m not sure what they mean by “extracts”. It’s a bit misleading, however, it’s meant to have skin soothing properties and also be an antioxidant. The toner also contains centella extracts, which probably mean it contains centella asiatica and also some madecassoside, which are well known extracts for helping to calm inflammation, help build collagen, as well as help redness, heal wounds, and also improve circulation. Again, I’m not sure if I really believe that centella can do all of those things, but hey maybe it’s possible.

Fig extract sounds delicious to me, but I guess it’s not for flavor or scent. But rather as a source of vitamin c and an antioxidant. Fig is great for reducing age spots, wrinkles and also evening out skin tone.

Honey is another extract that sounds more suited for eating, but again it is a well-loved ingredient in skin care. I think everyone knows about the benefits of honey, but I’ll briefly mention them.Honey is great for preventing acne and also anti-aging, again also high in anti-oxidants and nutrients. There are many great properties of honey, which I could talk about forever, but then this review would be never ending!

The toner also contains olive extracts, which should be great for moisturizing. However, because the above extracts are that “extracts”, I’m not sure how concentrated they are, and how much of them are in the product, which makes it hard to really know how effective it is in this toner.

The toner also contains panthenol, allantoin and ceramide NP. Panthenol like previously mentioned ingredients is great for reducing inflammation, and is good at hydration, wound healing and reduces skin itching. Allantoin apparently was used to treat wounds by Roman soldiers, and also is a moisturizing/hydrating ingredient. Ceramide is also an excellent ingredient for repairing the moisture barrier.

Most of the ingredients are ones that promote skin healing, reducing inflammation, wound healing and also hydrating the skin. Which makes it sound like this toner should be incredibly hydrating, soothing and great for sensitive or irritated skin.

I’ve been using this toner for a long time – since the start of November (2018). So that’s almost five months now, and well I planned to write this a long time ago. But the problem for me with toners is that sometimes it’s really hard to judge if they are doing much. And I was really unsure about this toner for a long time.

At first, I was using it with Etude House’s Soon Jung, and the Cosrx water to cream toner. Because I was using three toners it was impossible to really tell how effective it was. I waited until I used up the other two toners, and then also wanted to use it for several weeks on its own to judge how well it works.

Despite its hydrating and moisturizing ingredient list, I honestly don’t find this toner that moisturizing or hydrating on its own. Weirdly, I find the Soon Jung toner to be more hydrating than this. I used to find that three layers of the Soon Jung was enough to moisturize my skin, and well three layers of this toner works okay too but it doesn’t seem to be as effective as the Soon Jung.

I have a fine line on my forehead, and with three layers of Soon Jung, the line is hydrated and invisible. When I use the Dermatory toner, over the course of the day, the line becomes more visible. Which to me suggests the Dermatory toner isn’t so good at keeping moisture in. The only change in routine was the toner, and nothing else, so I believe it is the toner.

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It could just be me, and for people who don’t find Soon Jung hydrating at all might find that the Dermatory works better for them? Or the opposite could be true, it’s simply a matter of trying them both out.

Also, I over exfoliated my face at the start of the year. My skin was stinging, super super dry and super red! I had to apply mists and toners through out the day, for several days because of how dry, irritated and sore my skin was. But it was also a good test of which toner was better for my over exfoliated skin. Pretty much all of my skin care stung – so I reduced my routine down majorly.

I naturally tried the Dermatory toner out, hoping it would help relieve the inflammation, dryness and be good for my irritated skin. Surprisingly, the Dermatory toner actually made my skin sting and was very painful to apply. The Soon Jung on the other hand was fine and was one of the few products that did not sting.

So, I guess this toner is not suitable for irritated or over exfoliated skin. Which seems a bit strange to me, considering it has so many wound healing and soothing ingredient. But again, this could depend on your skin, because after all no product for sensitive skin can work for everyone. People have different sensitivities, and different reactions to products. Which is why it is so hard to know what will be effective.

When my skin is fine (not irritated), this toner works adequately, and I think it works best layered with other toners. It’s great because you get 300ml of product , which lasts forever. It is a good basic hydrating toner, I mean it’s not going to fix your skin overnight (nothing will).

I’m not sure whether I’d repurchase it, but most likely I would because it’s a decent toner to use for multiple layers. Like I’d use 2-3 layers of Soon Jung toner, 2-3 layers of the Dermatory toner and then one layer of the Cosrx toner to cream toner. But then again, I have super dehydrated skin, so I tend to layer multiple toners.

I think because it’s a lightweight watery toner, it’s really suitable for all skin types. Except perhaps those with super sensitive skin. That’s the beauty of toners – those with oily skin can use one layer, and those with dryer skin can use 3~4 layers.

It’s light and watery and very easy to use, so I think it works for all skin types. I most likely would repurchase it, because when used with other toners it does help keep my skin hydrated. It’s just not so effective on it’s own, but rather works best with other hydrating toners.

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