[REVIEW+SWATCHES] Colorgram Thunderbolt Tint Mousse 01 Fire Burn Red

Colorgram Thunderbolt Tint Mousse 01 Fire Burn Red was purchased by Cosmeperks.

As soon as I was introduced to this brand I ran to Olive Young to check it out (that’s also when I got this product). The design is adorable and it became even more adorable when I saw it with the other products from the collection. I mean, they are cute and pretty, without being too childish. And I honestly feel like the Flash each time I pull this out of my pouch!


+ Tinted jelly mousse with a lightweight and clear color like, just like lightning.

+ Soft matte lips: A mild jelly formulation that balances the heaviness of velvet, while capturing moisture of the jelly.

+ Clear and clean feeling of watercolor: The matte tint of clear color has a jelly texture and silky feeling. 

+ Smearing, burying, less coloring? Colored styrene elastomer coating prevents staining and bleeding and long-term color maintenance.


Dimethicone, Purified Water, Dimethicone / Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Glycerin, Laurylpyrid-8 Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Acrylate Copolymer, Camellia Oil, Rosehip Fruit Oil, Oil, Burdock Extract, Flaxseed Extract, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Okra Fruit Extract, Cephem Fruit Extract, 1,2-hexanediol, Propylene Glycol, Ethylhexyl Glycerin, Glyceryl Acrylate / Acrylic Acid Copolymer, Silica, Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride, Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol, Colors No. 205, Red No. 104 (1), Red No. 227, Yellow No. 5

Colorgram Thunderbolt Tint Mousse 01 Fiery Burn Red Review

Volume: 3.4g

How to use:

Apply the whole lips along the lines of the lips and spread the intense lips as if you were tapping them, creating a natural gradient lips.

My Skin Type: Dehydrated, sensitive, allergic and pigmented lips.

Colorgram Thunderbolt Tint Mousse 01 Fire Burn Red Review:

Colorgram Thunderbolt Tint Mousse 01 Fire Burn Red Review


Tell me you can look at this display and not want at least one of them, I dare you.

On the left there are water tints (as it was very popular in 2013 and 2014, especially the ones from Tony Moly). On the middle you have these ones, the mouse tints. On the right you have a lip tint remover (and trust me you may want one if you use too many tints).

On the bottom there are the velvet tattoo tints on the left, glossy coating tint in the middle, and natural shine tint lipsticks on the right.

Colorgram Thunderbolt Tint Mousse 01 Fire Burn Red Review


Here are all the choices for these mouse tints.

Design wise I must say top row is FLASH, the bottom row is very pastel looking, which is also pretty.

I swatched all the colors in store. And I will be completely honest, color 2 is exactly like color 1 when I layer it 2 times, exactly the same. They are so much the same that sometimes I confuse myself thinking I have color number 2!

They are all orange shades from 1 to 4, and they are incredibly transparent from 5 to 7, much like the Etude House ice cream tints in intensity.

Colorgram Thunderbolt Tint Mousse 01 Fire Burn Red Review


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Each and every part of the package is adorable and I’m a very proud owner. At this point I love this tint, but at first I was very reticent and was surfing on the surface of package love alone.

Colorgram Thunderbolt Tint Mousse 01 Fire Burn Red Review


You can see it’s a jelly tint by noticing small lumps of product on the surface of the applicator. You can clean it off before applying, of course, this is just for showing.


Colorgram Thunderbolt Tint Mousse 01 Fire Burn Red Review

The applicator is quite comfortable. It’s very accurate in the application. And very easy to use! The tip is malleable enough to use even without the applicator being slightly tilted as they usually are.

You can feel a sweet scent as soon as you open the package. It’s not perfumy at all, and has the same intensity as the Etude House ice cream tints. Which is too intense for some people, but as long as you don’t have a sensitive nose you’ll be fine. And after applying the scent goes away in a jiffy.


Colorgram Thunderbolt Tint Mousse 01 Fiery Burn Red Review

As I mentioned the tint’s ability to change color I thought I had to show it, right?

You can notice on the first and second images that one layer is indeed velvet (aka the Korean matte) and two layers make it shiny. That is a characteristic of jelly tints. The more you layer it the more jelly-like it appears.

After drying the only smudges are those parts that have a thicker layer. Which means if you are careful enough to layer it thinly, it doesn’t smudge.

Colorgram Thunderbolt Tint Mousse 01 Fire Burn Red Review


They said to apply as a gradation but that just makes it look like an average tint.

However, I have used this tint for long enough to know better ways of using it!

You can use it as a light stain (top right) semi gradation (second row, left) or a strong semi gradation (second row, right).

For a stain you just clean the applicator and apply solely the leftovers, using always the same side of the brush. This stain lasts for many hours and resists lip balm.

For the gradations you do the same, then a stronger color in the center (one layer for a weaker gradation, and two layers for a strong color). This is how I usually wear this tint.

Or it was, until I found out its true abilities! This tint is perfect for full lip!

It lasts virtually the whole day without needing reapplication. It can only be done because both the product and the applicator are super easy to control.

On the bottom left you have the lips at first. You can see that, since it has two layers, it is shiny and not velvet. On the right it was 3 hours afterwards when I applied Vaseline. This tint isn’t drying at all and it is moisturizing enough that with lips like mine (they literally get rashes when they are dry for 2h) I managed 3h without needing lip balm.

Colorgram Thunderbolt Tint Mousse 01 Fire Burn Red Review


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Ah look at the beautiful semi-gradation after it settled.

Anyway, this is what happens with this tint.

On the left on the top left corner you can see that sometimes the jelly doesn’t settle everywhere so there are some gaps. You can barely ever see them, so I don’t really care.

On the right you can see the transfer after dry. Now, the tint smudges a little from the lips, but there are almost no transferring parts. Those dots which you see aren’t flakey skin, they are jelly pieces. They transfer everywhere, from food to cups, and if there is grease of water then it makes the transfer more prominent. However, it doesn’t lose much from the lips.

Colorgram Thunderbolt Tint Mousse 01 Fire Burn Red Review


So, on this day I had a strong semi-gradation, right? After a few hours it got some gaps on the strongest color. (left photo) So I rubbed gently with a tissue paper without much texture (middle photo) and applied lip balm on top (right photo). I know I could just reapply the tint, but this is something you can do without a mirror so it’s also a cool tip for me to share.

I like this tint a lot, but it must be applied with lips 100% dry and without any grease. Other than that, it works pretty well!

The only downside I think is the scent – which doesn’t bother me but is definitely a minus for people who dislike scents of have sensitive noses.

Regardless, I recommend this tint, it has a very good formula, color, and longetivity!

Where to buy:

Olive Young

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