[REVIEW+SWATCHES] Colorgram x Miffy Thunderbolt Tint Meringue 01 Apple

Colorgram x Miffy Thunderbolt Tint Meringue 01 Apple Review:

Last February, Colorgram was back with their latest release and this time they did a collaboration with character Miffy! I read the news about Colorgram and Miffy collaboration (honestly I don’t even know what Miffy is until I search about it online) and the packaging is too cute too pass on. For this collaboration they make a collection which consists of lip tints, liquid shadows, concealer, cushion, and other products as well.

The thing is, Colorgram is one of the most difficult brands to find in my country, even I had a hard time in finding info about their new release including this tint. Apparently they didn’t have an official website so the only source you can find about them is through Olive Young’s website. But the website along with description of each product was in Korean so I couldn’t understand the information about this tint at all except that it has a moisturizing matte finish.

This tint is called Thunder Ball Tint Meringue and I think based on the name only, it’s a creamier version of their well-known Thunder Ball Tint Lacquer. I haven’t try the Lacquer version but I heard good things about it. From Colorgram, I’ve tried their Liquid Shadow and so far I’m so satisfied with how it performs on me so I decided to pick this tint, not only because the cute packaging but also because I want to know if it will work on me as good as their liquid shadow.

For the collaboration, they have 5 shades and I’ll be honest, all of the shades look so similar to each other! When I saw the official swatch picture, I was confused on how I should choose the shade because I saw almost no difference between those shades. At the end I chose shade 01 just because it is the lightest one out of those 5 shades.

Claims :

+ Stick tightly to the lips

+ Soft and smooth texture

+ Clear color and moisturizing matte finish

Ingredients :

Purified water, Dimethicone, Glycerin, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone crosspolymer, Acrylate / polytrimethylsiloxy methacrylate copolymer, Silica, Lauryl phage-10 tris (trimethylsiloxy) silyl ethyl dimethicone, PEG-10 Dimethicone, Pentyleneglycol, Mica (CI 77019), Tricalcium phosphate, Polyglyceryl-2 triisostearate, Magnesium sulfate, Diisostearyl malate, 1,2-hexanediol, Polyglyceryl-2 diisostearate, Dextrin, Stevioside, Triethoxycaprylyl silane, Ethylhexyl Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance, Yellow No. 5 (CI 15985), (1) of Red No. 104 (CI 45410), Red No. 202 (CI 15850: 1), Yellow No. 5 (CI 15985), Red No. 102 (CI 16255)

Colorgram x Miffy Thunderbolt Tint Meringue 01 Apple Review

How to Use :

Wipe any excess pigment off the wand tip; concentrate a thick layer from the center of your lips and blend outwards to create a natural gradient effect.

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Volume : 4.5g

My lips area : Slightly dry

Colorgram x Miffy Thunderbolt Tint Meringue 01 Apple Review:

The packaging is totally different with the original Thunderbolt tint, the new one has rounder shape (exactly like a pill shape) and on the front part you can see Miffy. Each shades has different Miffy’s picture so if you are a fan of Miffy, I think you would want to buy it all.

Colorgram x Miffy Thunderbolt Tint Meringue 01 Apple Review

On the front side of the box, you can see Miffy picture with transparent background and turn out you can take it out and use it for a bookmark or just put it on top of the box like I did. Not sure what the purpose of it but it does look cute as a decoration.

Colorgram x Miffy Thunderbolt Tint Meringue 01 Apple Review

This tint has an S-shaped doe foot applicator and it works well in distributing the tint on the lower lip but on my upper lip, I have to apply the tint using the top part (the rounder shape) and it can be a mess because it’s very hard to achieve a perfect application.

Colorgram x Miffy Thunderbolt Tint Meringue 01 Apple Review

The shade I got is 01 Apple and from the description it’s an apple red shade. On my complexion the shade looks like a calm red than a bright apple red but I like it more this way because it’s more wearable and not too bold. The shade also looks like it has a warm undertone in it because it suits my complexion really well but I’m sure even if you have pink undertone, this shade will still look good on you but the red tone in it will look more vivid on you.

It has a good pigmentation but because the texture is like a ‘whip’ cream, the applicator has a hard time in picking enough product on my lips. If I have to compare this with other lip tint, I have to say that it’s basically the same with the Ink the Gelato from Peripera. Both have similar texture and good pigmentation but somehow both applicators didn’t pick enough product as well.

I have small lips and usually I don’t need to wear a lot of lip product to cover my whole lips fully but with this tint, I always dip the applicator several times to get enough tint for my lips. Even when I want to make a gradient lips, I still have to apply the tint several time to get enough product.

Colorgram x Miffy Thunderbolt Tint Meringue 01 Apple Review

The formula though, is easy to blend. Because it’s very bendable, it is really easy to make a gradient effect on the lips. I only smack my lips several time (there’s no need to blend it with a brush or finger) and I will get a pretty gradient lips! If you want to wear the tint on your whole lips, it also look really pretty.

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Despite the good and bendable formula, it has an average performance. It doesn’t last too long and after a few hours I can feel my lips become a bit drier but it doesn’t emphasis dry lips as long you apply lip balm before. With eating (especially greasy foods), the tint lasts for 2 to 3 hours max and I need to re-apply because it fades unevenly.

To re-apply the tint, I suggest you to remove the tint first from your lips or it will look like a mess. It’s easy to remove though so you don’t have to carry cleansing product in your purse. I wiped the tint with a gentle wet tissue (use a wet tissue that meant for baby so it’s more gentle and won’t harm your lips) and after I let my lips dry for a few seconds, I re-apply the tint. This way the tint will stick better to your lips and won’t look dry or patchy.

Even with the cute packaging I don’t think I will repurchase this tint again in the future. I think it has poor shade range, with 5 shades look similar to each other and also it’s too pricey for the quality. I got the tint for about $8 – $10 without shipping but the performance is just ’so-so’.

I’m sure there are a ton of other lip tint in the market that has better quality with more affordable price. I love their Milk Shadow but I’m sorry I have to say that I’m not impressed at all with this tint.

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