[REVIEW] Cremorlab Spa et Cremor Thalasso Foam Cleanser

Cremorlab Spa et Cremor Thalasso Foam Cleanser Review:

I got this product as soon as it came out, wrote a post of first thoughts, and then went on vacation to Russia. This was in the summer. I totally forgot about it until I finished a few other cleansers, then I remembered how much I enjoyed the smell of this cleansing foam – how much it reminded me of home and grabbed it right away.

I used it for 3 weeks last month, then I had to stop, and now I decided to write my opinion on this, and why I had to stop using it. I feel it’s important to share the good, the bad, and the indifferent.


From the website:

“Reset your skin to its original crystal-clear condition” 

Thalasso spa foam cleanse the skin with marine purifying energy.

Skin purifying booster in Thalasso CleanseTM returns the skin to the original state in clear transparency.

MUD CREAM BUBBLE: Moisturizing & Deep Cleansing. Highly concentrated cream texture hydrates, cleanses and refreshes the skin.

SALT CAPSULE TECHNOLOGY: Purifying and Capsulated sea salt exfoliates skin, unveiling clear, transparent complexion.

Thalasso purifying system:

Absorption & detoxification of impurities

Deep pore cleansing of the skin

Soothing & calming the stressed skin

Dermatologically tested.


Cremorlab Spa et Cremor Thalasso Foam Cleanser Review

Volume: 120ml

How to use:

1. Dispense an adequate amount of product on the palms.

2. Gently lather product until sea salt capsules are dissolved and massage the entire face evenly or apply direct to face and massage evenly, using sea salt capsules as microdermabrasion beads for mild exfoliation.

3. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

My Skin Type: Sensitive, combination (oily T dry U, but at the time more dry than not), aging

Cremorlab Spa et Cremor Thalasso Foam Cleanser Review:

Cremorlab Spa et Cremor Thalasso Foam Cleanser Review

The foam came with a protective metallic colored vinyl on the squeeze out area, which of course is long gone since I have used it in total for quite some time.

The lid is easy to flip open and to close (it may seem insignificant, but there are a few that I have to punch to close).

The disadvantage of this package I think is that the screwing part of it (so, the part that connects the lid to the tube) isn’t really tight so sometimes water gets in and of course that’s horrible for the product. So, I keep it with the lid side down, so that at the very least the insides will be fine.

Cremorlab Spa et Cremor Thalasso Foam Cleanser Review

It looks very liquidy and snotty. Or like… Shrek’s earwax. It’s actually a very pleasant texture on the skin, and you can feel the small exfoliating bubbles once you spread it on your skin.

The scent isn’t really strong at this point, it gets activated once you water it.

Cremorlab Spa et Cremor Thalasso Foam Cleanser Review

You can either apply it a little then water it and it’ll bubble with small bubbles, or you can apply as they recommend: bubbling separately and then applying to your face. The second one will give you more bubbles of course.

The scent of this is divine – and probably the reason why I want to love this product so much. It smells like a deep-sea product, or a product extracted from the sea (but purified and cleared of all that can be damaging of course). As a person who has lived all her life a 20-minute walk from the beach, this means a lot to me.

Each time I visit a beach in the south of Europe what I feel is a fresh and sea-full smell like this one, as if my nose filters all the odd and unusual smells, or the smell of a beach full of seaweed on the sand. Which is a lovely smell if you’re into sea smells.

I mean, if there was ever a perfect smell that isn’t flower based, it’s this one.

But unfortunately that’s all the good I can say about this product.

It does leave your skin crystal clear, even with all the black pores and peeling patches your skin just looks good after using it. The problem is that the squeaky clean feeling is there, and after using it one week in a row my skin started feeling sensitive. At first I didn’t notice what it was, so it wasn’t until 3 weeks after and vibrant red patches of sore skin that I stopped using this.

I rested, healed, and tried it again for a week in a row. This last try was after I used the Krave Beauty Matcha Hemp Cleansing Foam (amazing and perfect), and after this one week I have been using another cleanser. After one week of using it as my main cleanser, my skin felt sore again, sensitive.

To best describe it I must compare it to when your skin is sore after a sun burn and you wash it with room temperature water – that kind of burning feeling. After one week I didn’t get any red patches but at the familiar burning sensation I stopped using it again.

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In total I used it for 1 month and 1 week or so, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with sensitive or dry skin. Or skin that needs repairing.

I would love to take photos of the red patches but I won’t do that to myself again, instead here is a photo of how good my skin looks after just one washing!

Cremorlab Spa et Cremor Thalasso Foam Cleanser Review

And now I have one question for you.

Do you personally think I should keep using it as an exfoliator once a week, or I should just get rid of it?

I did use a little more than half of it but… that means there’s still half the product left.

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Have you tried Cremorlab Spa et Cremor Thalasso Foam Cleanser?

Do share your thoughts in comments.

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  1. Hey I was curious if you did end up keeping this product and using it as an exfoliant. I just received the full size product in my Joahbox (subscription box) and while I love the packaging and all – I have very sensitive skin and based off of what you’re saying… it sounds like this might be an exfoliant for me. Tbh I haven’t opened it yet to try it (if I open one more product without finishing the one I’m already using again, I’ll drive myself nuts).
    Anyway interested to know what you ended up doing with it. I also wanted to ask you where you purchased it from.
    Much love xo


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