[REVIEW] Dr.G A-Clear Balancing Moisturizer

Dr.G A-Clear Balancing Moisturizer Review:

I seem to be forever on the quest to look for an ideal moisturizer for my sensitive, oily and dehydrated skin.  Wait, some of you may ask – Oily and dehydrated? Yes, woe is me.  My skin is in such conflict, I am too when looking for suitable moisturizer. Am I to look for one for oily skin but tend to be not moisturizing enough or one for dry skin to plump up my skin but could potentially make it oozes more oil.  To make matter worse, my skin is showing signs of aging and loss of elasticity

Dr. G (which in full is Dr Gowoonsesang), developed by Dr. Ahn Gun-Young, is purportedly the No.1 skin clinic/centre in Korea and its products are extremely popular, said to be used by 1 out of every eight Korean women.


– A-Clear Balancing Moisturizer is a light, yet moisturizing formula that replenishes moisture while controlling excessive sebum.

-Patented phyto oligo has a calming effect that helps ease redness and irritation, while baobab improves skin texture as well as moisture barrier.

-A-Clear Balancing Moisturizer is a 2-in-1 (essence + lotion) moisturizer that leaves skin feeling fresh and smooth.


Dr.G A-Clear Balancing Moisturizer Review

Volume: 50ml

How to use:

Use after toner; apply a proper amount of moisturizer evenly on the surface of the skin, and gently pat into face for effective absorption

My Skin Type:  Sensitive, Oily, Dehydrated, Enlarged pores, Aging

Dr.G A-Clear Balancing Moisturizer Review:

This brand seem promising and has some highly raved products (but which are not in my review today). I am especially attracted because it is a cosmeceutical brand.  Cosmeceutical brands formulate products that are effective and deliver results, using science and extensive research.

The A-Clear is a specialized line from Dr. G for troubled and acne-prone skin.  The moisturizer is part of a 3-step basic care regime, which comprises also a cleanser and toner.  The other products in this A-clear line are a repairing serum, spot toner and sunblock.

The moisturizer comes in an opaque pump bottle. I do like pump bottles as they are hygienic and allow good control of the amount to be dispensed.  The downside of this product is the opaque bottle which means you cannot see how much is left.

Dr.G A-Clear Balancing Moisturizer Review

Texture-wise, the white lotion is lightweight and spreads easily. It has a light fragrance, which smells like a concoction of herbs, though the tea tree scent is more apparent.  But the scent dissipates soon after application. So it should not pose too much of an issue to someone who is very sensitive to smell.

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One would need patience in using this.  I noticed that the moisturizer does not absorb as well, leaving a sticky feel, if I slapped it on my face immediately without waiting for the toner to be absorbed.  But if done properly and with some gentle tapping (as per the direction given on the packaging), it absorbs well and leave a smooth finish.

Dr.G A-Clear Balancing Moisturizer Review

As for the sebum control claim, I wish it can be better on its own. I find my face lightly-oiled after about 3 hours, and worse on the T-zone. But it works fine if topped with sebum control make-up and I feel fresh-faced for a good 7 hours, though I think it should be credited more to the sebum control pact than the moisturizer.

I have been using it for about a month and it has not break me out.  My skin does feel soft and is less flushed. But I do not find it moisturizing enough for my conflicted oily, but aging skin.

I would like to love this moisturizer as its product claims fit my skin type.  But given the adventurous streak in me, I am likely to continue to experiment with other types of moisturizer, until I find my holy grail product. One that can address the signs of aging whilst balancing the oil secretion. But it is good to stay for now, and who knows, may emerge as the HG after all.

This will be good for oily and sensitive skin. Dry skin may find it not moisturizing enough.

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