[REVIEW] Dr. Mind Apot Red Mask Sheet

Dr. Mind Apot Red Mask Sheet Review:

Dr. Mind is a brand that targets skin issues faced by the majority of the people, providing solutions from a medical perspective. This mask is part of the pre & post breakout line which- as the name says, can help with breakouts. It’s not a really well-known brand however, it’s been getting quite some attention on social media. As soon as I saw a photo of this red mask, I instantly fell in love.

At first, I could only find this mask for crazy prices (almost as expensive as the SKII masks which I’d obviously prefer) so I dug in to find out what makes this mask special (even though I ended up buying it for a normal price and not 20 dollars). This mask is supposed to be good for exhausted skin due to stress which caught my eye as stress is one of the biggest factors that people’s skin is not in its best condition (at least mine isn’t thanks to it). So, let’s see, will this mask ~take my stress away~?


+ Takes care of stressed, irritated skin better,

+ Soothing,

+Improves skin’s texture,

+Balances oiliness on the face, has light, moisturizing essence,

+ Perfect adhesion,

Main Ingredients:

Centella asiatica extract -> soothing, acne care,
Madecassoside -> soothing, skin protection,
Anti-sebum P (certified) -> oil balance,
Salicylic Acid -> exfoliation,
Tea tree leaf extract -> Soothing,
Trehalose -> Moistness balancing,

How to use:

1. After cleansing and toning your face.

2. Open the package of the mask and gently adherence it onto the skin.

3. Leave it on for ± 20 minutes or until you feel it’s drying (you’ll never feel like its drying so take it off at the 25th minute to be sure).

Volume: 25g.

My skin type: acne prone, a bit oily with p.i.e.

Dr. Mind Apot Red Mask Sheet Review:


As soon as you open this mask, you get bombarded by a smell of rosewater. I personally love the smell but unfortunately, there’s no smell as you wear it.


Dr. Mind Apot Red Mask Sheet Review

The mask is thin, soft and elastic. As it dries it stays very soft- even though it looks weird and harsh.

The sheet itself stays moist for the first 10 minutes you use it .

Quantity of liquid:

There’s soooo much serum inside!! And it is very red! It’s at least 10ml of extra liquid.


As I wore this mask, there was an annoying and slightly hurting tingling sensation. While I was being tingled, it still had a cooling effect- especially underneath the eyes. I felt very relaxed and my skin could easily breathe.

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I’m not sure if this *really* happened but I felt like the mask was tightening on my face, like is “hugged” it tighter and tighter..


Dr. Mind Apot Red Mask Sheet Review

There’s some great things and some not as much. The good thing is that you can wear this mask carelessly aka, it doesn’t slip and has a great fit- even though the hole for the mouth and the eyes is too big.

The brand’s description emphasized so much on the mask’s fit and thankfully it was correct. The mask adheres on the face perfectly. It’s relatively easy to move and talk in it (do not eat with it, I tried and I failed), while the mask itself is very thin, like those masks that look transparent; however it’s red do you can’t really see underneath it- except of course, for the eyebrows, which can be seen pretty easily.

The only bad or *weird* thing I observed, is that the holes for the eyes seem to fit my face very differently; I looked like a Dalmatian dog.


I had to take the mask off, since half of it became completely dry. I previously mentioned, this mask has a cooling effect and honestly, I underestimated its power. It’s so cooling that my forehead felt like there’s ice on it. I even got a headache (not for too long thankfully).

The mask did dry up on the lower part of my face however I left it on for 40 minutes, so this was very expected.


Dr. Mind Apot Red Mask Sheet Review

The serum left a thin yet very sticky layer on my skin that somehow didn’t look shiny at all; it was in fact matte. I tried very hard and didn’t rinse it even though I felt a strong urge to do so. My skin felt dry when I took the mask off and I didn’t see much difference to it.

There was absolutely no difference when it comes to my pores and spots. The tiny fine lines that I have on my forehead also stayed the same. One of the few differences I did notice, was a subtle glow.

In the photos it looks like my spots became worse but it wasn’t that bad. Overall, my complexion looks worse after using it.

Sadly, there was something else that happened to me because of this mask and I just can’t skip it. After I took the mask off, there were two new lines underneath my eyes. They did go away after a day but as I hate when this happens and I don’t think there’s anyone who’s not really bothered by it.

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