[REVIEW] Duft & Doft beVERYclear Peeling Gel

Duft & Doft beVERYclear Peeling Gel Review:

My favorite part of skincare is exfoliating. It’s fun but also very important. Exfoliating takes away a lot of things that shouldn’t be on the skin. In my opinion, it is a vital part on everyone’s routine. I remember reading an interview of the group kard on allure (yeah I know, it doesn’t really add up), and the members said the one step they can’t go without is exfoliating. If I can trust someone’s advice, that’s people with flawless skin.

I’ve been wanting to try this type of peel for years since it is less harsh on the skin than normal (not chemical) peels and it’s veeery satisfying to see more and more gunk coming out of the skin. I was in between this one and the secret key lemon peel but I decided on this one since it contains AHA, an ingredient that’s very famous for working well against acne.


+ This is a very gentle, yet effective exfoliating and peeling treatment for the face.

+ This Gel claims to be able to gently remove dead/ dry skin cells and impurities from the top layer of the skin, making it soft, smooth and luminous. It’s supposed to replace impurities with nutrients to help keep the skin smooth and silky.

+ Free of parabens, sulphate surfactants, triethanolamine, talc, minerals oils, synthetic dyes


Major ingredients:

Lactic acid (AHA): Exfoliating.

Vinegar: Anti-inflammatory

Green Tea: Soothing/ Pore Tightening. It contains more vitamin C than lemon and it helps at making the skin healthy.

Aloe Vera: Soothing

Ceramide: Skin protection/ Hydration. Helps with locking in the moisture to prevent the skin from getting dry. This ingredient can help at replenishing the skin’s lipid barrier that’s lost because of aging or acne.

Centella Asiatica: Skin recovering/ Pore tightening. Because of its gentle yet powerful healing and anti-inflammatory abilities, it can be used on sensitive and acne prone skin.

Duft & Doft beVERYclear Peeling Gel Review

How to use:

1. Apply a generous amount on cleansed, dry skin.

2. Avoid the eye and mouth areas since the skin’s tissue is thinner and hence, more sensitive.

3. Leave it on for 5 to 10 seconds and then gently and slowly massage your face.

4. When enough sebum and dead skin cells fall (aka when there’s many grains on your face and your skin isn’t giving you any more of them – even though it satisfies you a lot), rinse well with water.

Volume: 150ml (5.3 fl. oz)

My skin type: Acne prone, oily, with PIE.

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Duft & Doft beVERYclear Peeling Gel Review:


Duft & Doft beVERYclear Peeling Gel Review

This bottle is huge!! I totally didn’t expect it to be this big. This will last me AT LEAST a year. I really value the safety thing that it comes with in case it gets pressed and the product gets everywhere. I still use it because it’s very nicely made, even though there’s no reason to. The dispenser gets out a LOT of the solution however, it turned out to be a bit too much as I found out that I don’t need a lot for my face.

Consistency characteristics:

It’s very thin yet it is somewhat thick; It feels heavy but a tiny bit is enough for a wide area. There has to be a specific amount that’s perfect to use but I haven’t found it yet. I either use too little or too much. When I use too much, it becomes too watery and I can’t exfoliate properly. A similar effect occurs when I use too little, it just disappears and my skin becomes gets irritated.

The right amount might be tricky but whenever I use the right amount, it creates the perfect, most satisfying chunks. The results are always pretty much the same no matter how much gunk I get out of my face, just saying. As the chunks are created, the skin feels dry beneath but don’t let that fool you, it still needs rinsing. Very good rinsing.

Seriously, getting this off is a whole accomplishment. Even when you do so, there’s something like a layer on top; I just tone my face with a cotton pad and everything is OK. I haven’t gotten any reactions from doing that so I guess it’s not harmful. It has a very medical/ alcoholic smell, most likely because of the vinegar.


This is a very nice peel that exfoliates effectively my skin without irritating it. The areas where I have texture issues do become a bit red and the texture becomes worse but that lasts for a few minutes only, nothing permanent. Nothing too bad.

Duft & Doft beVERYclear Peeling Gel Review

After I use it my skin feels very smooth and it STAYS smooth. My skin does feel a bit dry afterwards; but I just use a more moisturizing serum and it’s all great. To add to that, the results aren’t great just for the following hours, but for the following DAYS. Especially when I wake up, I see a significant change at my acne’s visibility. There’s a glow.


As I’ve been using this peel for a while now, 1-2 times per week (It’s not the only exfoliant I use), depending on the other peels I use, I’ve seen some results. My skin is VERY soft!! Especially now that’s winter and my skin peels a bit, this has helped tremendously. I also feel like it has contributed to curing my acne (I’m getting there!! I’m very optimistic!!). Furthermore, my skin definitely looks healthier and it’s glowing.

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Overall, it’s a great peel that does exactly what I want it to do, exfoliate. It’s very gentle and I get the exact results I want from it. I regulate this and chemical exfoliators and love the result. I definitely recommend this and I will repurchase. I’m so excited that I have so much of it left, even though I’ve been using it for months!

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