[REVIEW+SWATCHES] 2018 NEW Etude House Quick & Easy Blur Tint 02 Mellow Kiss

Etude House Quick & Easy Blur Tint 02 Mellow Kiss was purchased by Cosmeperks.

Etude House has released a small collection that is sold exclusively on Korean website Coupang (sort of like Gmarket). Which is peculiar, aren’t their sales limited like that? Will they release it later in stores or other websites? Who knows.

The problem with Coupang selling is that they sell it in a thing called Rocket Shipping (which is super fast) but demands a total of at least 20$. So I ordered my lip tint… with pasta! Pasta is expensive in Korea, so I made my 20 like that. But no worries, outside of Korea it is sold normally on their website.

Anyway, they have the blur tint (this one) and a “normal tint” and some eye products. But I was curious, what is a blur tint? I had to try that one, the different one!


+ Vivid and clear color with blur effect! Smooth and perfect fit matte tint.

+ A blurry colorful expression that applies on the lips as a comfortable matte lip tint.

+ Moist and light matte finish tint. Light and adhesive, plus moist and smooth texture lip tint.

+ Natural vivid blur effect. Delicate mood MLBB color.

+ Smooth lip with no cakey touch. Covers the lip wrinkles and make smooth and sleek lips. (I highlighted the special promises of this product, so that you will pay more attention to them later)

+ (on the package in Korean) Makes the skin flakes and wrinkles less visible, giving a clean look on the lips.


The ingredients are very different from color to color so if you have some allergies or reactions to some ingredients check before purchasing (you can find the full list on their international website)

Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Polyglyceryl-2 Triisostearate, Isododecane, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Cyclohexasiloxane, Iron Oxides (CI 77491), CI 15850, 1,2-Hexanediol, Barium Sulfate, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance, Tocopheryl Acetate, PEG-10 Dimethicone, Propylene Carbonate, Red 27 (CI 45410:1)

Etude House Quick & Easy Blur Tint 02 Mellow Kiss Review

Volume: 4g

How to use:

1. With the inner part of the tip, apply naturally as if creating gradation on the lips starting from the inside and working outward.

2. You can make your lip look smooth with full color if you apply it with edge of the tint tip.

My Skin Type: Dehydrated, sensitive, allergic and very pigmented lips.

Etude House Quick & Easy Blur Tint 02 Mellow Kiss Review:

Let’s take a small moment to appreciate the simple and elegant design of this product. Thank you Etude for making something that’s elegant and pretty, instead of something that looks like it came out of A’pieu (I love A’pieu, but the price difference is… big, so I expect equally big quality, and Etude non-cute designs tend to look cheap).

Etude House Quick & Easy Blur Tint 02 Mellow Kiss Review

So the applicator is quite simple but I must tell you right away it’s perfect and makes for a super quick and easy application.

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The package however doesn’t remove any excess tint so I always have to clean it on the side, and you can see it’s already dirty. But since it closes really well this “cleaning thing” doesn’t dry so I can use it later too. Not very hygienic I know, but lipsticks never are, lip tints the less.

Etude House Quick & Easy Blur Tint 02 Mellow Kiss Review

The color is INTENSE. From what I assume all of them are intense.

I also added the official swatch photo since I can’t go to a store and swatch them in real life for you…

But anyway, I got color 02 Mellow Kiss and all I have to say regarding the color difference is that in real life (compared to the official swatch) the color is completely neutral instead of slightly warm as they show (or slightly cold as my photo shows). Ah, the importance of real life swatching… The next photos are more accurate regarding the color of the tint.

Etude House Quick & Easy Blur Tint 02 Mellow Kiss Review

So the tint looks lighter or darker (not a big difference though) according to how my lips look that day. But it’s just the difference you see on these photos really.

On the first photo (left) I applied one layer, normally, and left it as it was. Obviously the tint does not take care of the wrinkles and skin flakes that easily. In a simple application my lips still have all of those you can see in the photo.

But it applies very easily (both gradation and full lip). I didn’t take gradation photos because my lips are purple-ish but the tone as the lipstick almost, so it just looks a weird purple to lipstick-color gradation on me. The color really covers my natural lips very well.

On the second photo I applied the tint and patted the skin flakes away very gently. Now we’re talking. Lips look beautiful! Not sure about the wrinkles, but the flakes didn’t appear for the whole day! And the full lip look is beautiful and natural – makes me want more tints. Beautiful color.

The third photo has two layers of lip tint. As you can see two layers doesn’t really work with this tint. Color intensity-wise isn’t really needed either. A second layer here is completely unnecessary AND doesn’t work.

Let’s talk real now: this is not a matte tint like they said it is. It is a velvet tint.

This does not do anything for the skin flakes, but it does prevent them from appearing throughout the day.

It is soft and gentle on the lips, and keeps the lips moist while it is on – so after 3h when it disappears you can just apply this tint again directly.

Etude House Quick & Easy Blur Tint 02 Mellow Kiss Review

Oh yeah I said 3h disappears. It never ever settles so there is always a transfer. And transfer usually means the product leaves the lips.

But on the bright side it is a tint, and so the lips have a natural slightly pink shade to them even when the tint leaves. 

I has a sweet scent, very Etude-like, but unlike other products it’s not prominent enough for you to notice it after application. In fact, I only notice it when I open the package, then I forget about it!

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Etude House Quick & Easy Blur Tint 02 Mellow Kiss Review

Because I kept wondering about it making the wrinkles less visible, I tried a normal velvet tint (True velvet by A’pieu) and asked the kind people on Instagram to tell me about it.

Which one makes the wrinkles less visible? Turns out my suspicions were right and a normal lipstick would make them less visible. I guess Etude meant that compared to their matte tints like matte chic lip lacquer and to their water tints then this one does blur I guess. But a normal lipstick does blurring better, definitely.

If you flake a lot then consider this tint, definitely. Otherwise it’s just a pretty colored and comfortable tint.

I still like it, and recommend it, but as a normal lipstick and not for their claims! I want this in another color myself! But not for their claims, definitely not.

I love this for the application and natural look of it. And because I don’t need to wear lip balm under nor on top of it.

Where to buy:

Etude House

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