[Review] Etude House SOON JUNG pH5.5 Relief Toner

Etude House SOON JUNG pH5.5 Relief Toner was purchased by Cosmeperks for review purposes.

Etude House recently launched the SOON JUNG collection, allegedly from the best year ever (I might have been born in) 1988! It focuses on what is currently the biggest trend in Korean skin care – damage healing and care.

This collection came just in time for the fine dust pollution season, as for the past couple of weeks the pollution has been quite severe. And this collection’s purpose is exactly to help you restore your skin to its whole greatness while at the same time protecting it in the long term. So, of course we start at the beginning and use the Etude House SOON JUNG pH5.5 Relief Toner first!


Most skin problems start with an unbalanced skin pH. Whereas your body has an internal pH as high as 11, your skin’s external pH should be no more than 6 for it to be healthy! This collection uses that as a focus on the treatment.

The toner in this collection has a pH of 5.5, ideal to regulate your skin pH balance. It relieves your skin, it is pure and mild, and cares for any harm your skin may have. It protects your skin from external aggressive factors.



Purified Water, Propanediol, Glycerin, Betaine, Panthenol, Madecassoside, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract, 1,2-hexanediol, Butylene Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Carbomer, Polyglycerin-3, Disodium Edta

Etude House SOON JUNG pH5.5 Relief Toner Review

Volume: 180ml or 80ml

How to use:

1.After washing the face, dispense the product onto the palm of your hands and apply to the face with a gentle tapping motion so promote absorption onto the skin.

2. Usually if you have combination or oily skin you shouldn’t apply toners (or any other first steps) with your hands, however since this one focuses specifically on pH balancing you should be fine applying it as they say.

Etude House SOON JUNG pH5.5 Relief Toner Review

My Skin Type: Oily T, dry U, blemished, sensitive, and allergic.

Etude House SOON JUNG pH5.5 Relief Toner Review:

Etude House SOON JUNG pH5.5 Relief Toner Review

To better review this product I stopped using any repair skin care lines, and balms, or anything that would cure the damage from the heavy pollution.

For 2 days before I started using this toner, and for the whole duration of using it I thought it would be better not to use products that might affect their function (by helping them) since I wanted to know exactly how effective they were!

The only products I have used were water based skin care, pollution blockers and sun blocks since they are basic care, and in this case are unrelated to the effect of this product’s healing abilities.

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Since there is barely any information on this product, I hope you find the review helpful!

The product comes in a big size of 180 and also it comes in a smaller version (mine) – I believe in my case I can not use the same skin care for more than 6 months in a row because if the skin products work then after 6 months it’s guaranteed that my skin has changed and needs new attention.

By coming in a smaller size you can choose when to insert this specific care without worrying about wasting the product with time!
Etude House SOON JUNG pH5.5 Relief Toner Review
There is a small protective cap after you open the lid, which I decided to keep using afterwards, since I am very clumsy and tend to drop stuff–so it gives me extra security.

Etude House SOON JUNG pH5.5 Relief Toner Review
The toner is like water. Literally. It’s transparent and liquid!
Etude House SOON JUNG pH5.5 Relief Toner Review
However water dries your skin if you let it absorb, but this toner doesn’t, it literally leaves your skin in the same state. So, we already know we won’t have any dry patches on our skin. After absorption it feels exactly as it was before (texture wise).

The smell is also like water, meaning it has no smell. No matter how hard I tried to sniff it, there was no smell at all! At least we know we won’t get any irritation by perfuming our skin.
Etude House SOON JUNG pH5.5 Relief Toner Review
The above picture shows the amount of product I ended up figuring out I need for each use.

Etude House SOON JUNG pH5.5 Relief Toner Review
In the above picture you can see the starting point of this journey. There are blemishes, irritation patches, all sorts of things that I get after I spend a few days without repairing balms.

The next two pictures will show the exact same skin parts in the exact same order, for better comparison!

Etude House SOON JUNG pH5.5 Relief Toner Review
This is after one day of usage. In my case, that means 3 usages, since I wash my face in the morning, in the afternoon when I get home and remove my makeup, and right before going to sleep. You can see that my skin is incredibly less red, and I can also say that it is way less sensitive when I touch the damage.

I will admit, although the toner doesn’t feel like it does anything when you are applying it, it does actually soothe the skin after using it, like… a medicine that needs to be digested before it starts taking effect!
Etude House SOON JUNG pH5.5 Relief Toner Review
This is after 4 days of usage. You can see all the damage is still there, but you can also see that it isn’t red, and you have to take my word when I tell you they don’t hurt at all!

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They might not have been healed, but they also did not aggravate, and I personally think that is due to the toner, since the pollution has been bad and the toner is the only thing that changed on my routine.
Etude House SOON JUNG pH5.5 Relief Toner Review
The reason I am showing you this is for you to see my skin. This was taken after I woke up, I should have a nose so shiny with oil that I could fry potatoes with it, but my skin combination has become a little leveled after using this toner! Yes, it is still greasy, but it is hardly as bad as it was before. Can this be my conversion to pH focused skin care?

Because of its gentle but effective care you can also pour this toner on a dry face sheet mask (you can buy them on eBay and amazon) and apply it as damage care when your skin makes a cry for help.

I ended up enjoying this toner more than I thought I would. I admit, I was skeptical in the beginning, right after I first tried it. It is not meant to be used as a sole tool to heal your skin damage, but since it helps to not aggravate the damage I think it can be useful for us fighters!

And the most surprising part is that since it helps level your skin pH, your skin will become more… normal! My combination skin isn’t as extreme, so my dry patches aren’t as dry and my oily ones aren’t as oily. This is the reason why I think I might continue using this toner in the future.

Where to buy:

Amazon Prime | eBay | Cosmetic-love

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8 thoughts on “[Review] Etude House SOON JUNG pH5.5 Relief Toner”

    • Because in general people with oily skin shouldn’t touch their face with their hands since when you place friction on your skin it releases more oil as a protection. Of course the friction is still there with a cotton pad, but it’s lighter. The thing is, since the toner is the first step of skin care we should be extra careful.
      Of course it is only important to consider this depending on your skin type of oil, if it’s really oily it’s important to consider this, but if it’s oily because it’s actually very dehydrated there are other priorities to consider ^^
      I wish I could explain better, feel free to ask more if there is anything I didn’t explain well

  1. Hi, read your review and notice that you wash your face 3 a day. Try just washing a maximum of 2 a day if the reason for washing is due to the oiliness. Since having oil doesnt really mean that you are oily, but just that it lacks oil due to too much washing.

    • Hi! Thank you ^^ I used to wash it 3 times a day because I apply makeup in the morning and my skin doesn’t like makeup every day at every time, but because of the exact reason you said I started applying makeup just after lunch and so I now wash my face only 2 times a day.
      I cannot stress enough how important your words are!
      This toner already helps balance the skin oil/hydration so I think washing a face 2 times a day is even more profitable for this toner

  2. Hello, my skin is very oily and acne prone but at the same time is sensitive,thin, dehydrated and allergic to fragrance. Is this toner suit for me? Causen’t it more oil or comedones or acne?
    Does this toner also cleanse the skin?
    And is this hydrating?



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