[Review] Etude House SoonJung 5-Panthensoside Cica Balm

Etude House SoonJung 5-Panthensoside Cica Balm was purchased by Cosmeperks.

I have been reviewing this SoonJung collection by Etude House with utmost attention. The collection is especially for sensitive skins, to balance any skin, and to protect them, to help your blemishes, and with the right combination of products it can also be used for dry skins. So, it’s basically a topic that touches us all.

The Cica balm would be, in my opinion, the thing to pay most attention to since most brands have been investing deeply in Cica care, so we have a lot to compare it to.


Cica Balm for the improvement of damaged skin with 5% Pantenocide. Slightly acidic pH formula. 92% natural ingredients.


Water, Propanediol, Panthenol, Squalane, Cetearyl Alcohol, Madecassoside, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Butylene Glycol, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Glyceryl Stearate, Diisostearyl Malate, Cetearyl Glucoside, Stearic Acid, Acrylates/c10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Tromethamine, Polyglyceryl-10 Stearate, Polyglyceryl-3 Methylglucose Distearate, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Disodium Edta, 1,2-hexanediol

Etude House SoonJung 5-Panthensoside Cica Balm Review

Volume: 15ml (small), 40ml (regular)

How to use:

Apply on areas that need soothing effect or all over the entire face. For intensive care, apply a liberal amount.

My Skin Type: Oily T, dry U, sensitive, blemishes easily, and allergic.

Etude House SoonJung 5-Panthensoside Cica Balm Review:

The first thing to notice is the size. I have the small version, not the full one. And this small version is perfect for carrying around with me.

Etude House SoonJung 5-Panthensoside Cica Balm Review

You can see how it fits in my hand!! My hand is average, not big nor small, so it’s easy to compare. You can take this cream everywhere you go.

Etude House SoonJung 5-Panthensoside Cica Balm Review

To open it, you have a pharmaceutical cream type of opening, so you have to grab the lid and pierce it with the other end. The only problem with these openings, which as you can see is also what happened here, because of the change in pressure there was a lot of cream that came out. I used part of it on my face, part of it on the swatch, but more than half of it was wasted! That’s such a shame, really, I hate wasting products.

Etude House SoonJung 5-Panthensoside Cica Balm Review

Here you can see the 4 steps of applying the balm: application, spreading, spreading some more, and absorption.

The balm, as all the things I’ve tried from this collection, has no scent. It is very dense, really like a balm (I mention this because some balms feel like creams), and it spreads really easily. It feels really light on the skin during all the steps, but mainly after absorption. If you don’t put too much product then after it absorbs you won’t even notice you have it on (weight wise)!

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Etude House SoonJung 5-Panthensoside Cica Balm Review

First, an explanation. On the days and spots I had no changes, I didn’t register the photos. I marked the blemishes that were worrying me the most, but generally speaking you should be looking at anything that’s pink.

Day 0 and Day 1 are purely for your reference, since you needed to see the starting point.

On Day 3 I started getting some blemishes, the pollution has been becoming more severe and with the weather change it’s complicated to prevent this kind of skin damage. The purpose of this balm is not to protect the skin (as in block the damage from happening) but it’s mainly to repair damaged skin and provide relief. And I do say, it relieves right away after I apply the cream! Left to see if it repairs the skin in the long term.

On Day 4 you can see the damage is still there but it is way less irritated, compared to the previous day. Also, since these are allergic blemishes, they itch a lot, and after applying this balm they stop itching. I added the photo of the chin because, even without visible difference, it stopped itching.

Day 15, there wasn’t much of a change overall. Some blemishes disappeared, some new ones appeared. Of course, they haven’t appeared because of the balm, they appeared because of the stress (same with those small pimples everywhere). But generally speaking, the balm doesn’t help the blemishes as quickly as it could. It provides instant relief, and I feel that the insides of my pores don’t get as irritated, but it doesn’t remove the blemishes as quickly as the Innisfree Bija Cica Balm (reviewed). However, I can still see some results, and it does have the advantage of preventing the itchiness and that you can find it in portable size.

To put it short: it works slower than the Innisfree one so it doesn’t heal before new damage appears. But it still heals it slowly, and it prevents itchiness.

Will I buy it again? Maybe, but as a travel balm, since it doesn’t need a prescription and it soothes my allergies and blemishes. But to most polluted countries and cities (like Seoul) I would prefer something stronger. I spent a few days in Busan (south of Korea, less polluted) after I used this for these 15 days, and I waited to write the review to see if this was important (and it is)–since Busan isn’t as aggressive as Seoul, the balm fixed my skin better than in Seoul. So it’s my judgment that in non polluted areas this balm is enough. I just happen not to live in one.

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So, traveling to Europe? Yes! Daily life in Seoul? No.

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Amazon | eBay | Cosmetic-love

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