[REVIEW] Farm Stay Tomato Moisture Soothing Gel

Farm Stay Tomato Moisture Soothing Gel Review:

The recent increase in hype with soothing gels in the beauty market nudged me to get one and try it myself. I have been using soothing gels since the end of last year but I always stick with aloe vera soothing gels. In this year, I am feeling quite adventurous so I thought that maybe I should try another variant of soothing gel instead. I searched for it on the internet and the results showed a lot of Korean brands that produce different kinds of soothing gel but what snatched my attention the most is the Farm Stay Tomato Moisture Soothing Gel.

So Farm Stay is a Korean skincare and cosmetic brand which uses natural ingredients on their products. There are three kinds of soothing gels that Farmstay offers – aloe vera, snail and tomato gel. I decided to get the tomato soothing gel because its claims look so promising to me. But does it really do what it says? We’ll see about that!


+ Tomato, a nutritious vegetable good for health, has been selected as one of world’s top 10 foods. Ample of vitamins in the tomato are effective in making smooth skin.

+ With tomato extract, aloe vera extract, and green tea extract, Farm Stay Tomato Soothing Gel easily gets absorbed into the skin, and moisturizes and gives nutrition to the skin. It also helps maintain moisture for a long time.

+The product also claims that it is free from four harmful chemicals – mineral oil, artificial color, benzophenone and paraben.


Water, Glycerin, Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Carbomer, Polysorbate 80, Solanum Lycopersicum (Tomato) Fruit Extract (1,000ppm) AloeBarbadenis Leaf Extract, Hamamelis Virginia (Witch Hazel) Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Althaea Rosea Root Extract, Triethanolamine, Disodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol , Fragrance

Farm Stay Tomato Moisture Soothing Gel Review

Volume: 300 ml/10.14 fl. oz.

How to Use:

The direction and precaution on how to use this product are all written in Korean. Fortunately, I got to translate it in English with the help of Google translate and it says:

Direction to use:

1. At the end of your basic skincare steps, take an appropriate amount and apply lightly.

2. For dry skin, use this product as mask once or twice a week.

Precautions when using:

1. Please consult with a specialist if you experience abnormal symptoms upon using such as red spot, swelling or itching, or side effects due to direct exposure to sunlight. 2. Do not use on areas with scratches.

Precautions for storage and handling:

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1. Keep out of reach of children. 2 Keep away from direct sunlight.

My Skin Type: I do have an oily and a very prone to acne skin.

Farm Stay Tomato Moisture Soothing Gel Review:

I have been using this product for almost three weeks now and I am quite surprised with its effect on my skin. I do have an extremely oily skin but I am using this gel every night as a leave-on mask pack and fortunately it didn’t give me major breakouts.

Well, I experienced some breakouts at the first week of using it but, thankfully, it quickly faded away and on the second week my skin feels softer and clearer than before. I also noticed that my skin brightens a little bit.

Farm Stay Tomato Moisture Soothing Gel Review

Regarding the packaging, this product comes with the usual tub for soothing gels. When I first opened the tub, the product actually overflowed which was maybe due to the delivery process. I was actually expecting it to have some color but the gel was clear and it smelled just like the typical, but not as strong as, hair gel which was the only downside for me – I hope it smells more fruity or maybe more tomato-ey?

Farm Stay Tomato Moisture Soothing Gel Review

The consistency of this tomato gel is quite thick so I felt really uncomfortable on my first application but just after 5 minutes I can feel that the gel has been fully penetrated on my skin leaving a moisturize and soft feeling on my face.

I also like the soothing effect of this tomato gel, it’s very relaxing and refreshing. Aside from using this product as regular moisturizer and face mask, I also use this as a substitute body lotion.

Compare with some aloe vera gels that I’ve tried before, I like this tomato gel way much better (except for its smell). It surprisingly compliments my oily skin and somehow brightens my skin tone a little bit. If I would be asked if I would purchase again, well that’s a major yes for me!

Based on my experience, I think this product is suitable for all skin types as long as you administer the proper way to apply this product (no more, no less to how much moisture your skin needs) and just be sure to try it first on your body before you apply it on your face to see if this product is suitable on your skin.

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