[REVIEW] G9 Skin Color Clay Sheet Tension Red Mask

G9 Skin Color Clay Sheet Tension Red Mask Review:

This is the first product I tried from the brand G9 skin, Berrisom’s sister brand. I really loved the other products I previously tried from Berrisom so I didn’t hesitate to purchase this one. This mask attracted me because of its unique design and formula, as it’s made of clay! To this day I haven’t found any similar mask sheets that are made from clay.


This product claims to make the skin firmer and have a lifting effect. It also claims to help fight acne and shrink large pores.


G9 Skin Color Clay Sheet Tension Red Review

Volume: 20g.

How to use:

  1. After cleansing your skin, apply toner and then take one of the pieces, take off the transparent plastic protector, place the mask on your skin and then take the white plastic protector off your face.
  2. Repeat the same process for the second piece.
  3. Let it sit on your skin for 40 minutes and then take the mask off.
  4. Wash your face with lukewarm/ cold water and apply toner (I’d recommend you use a cotton pad to do so because there will be some leftover product on the face).

G9 Skin Color Clay Sheet Tension Red Review

My Skin Type: acne prone, combination dry and oily.

G9 Skin Color Clay Sheet Tension Red Mask Review:

This mask comes in a regular sheet mask package and it’s divided into two pieces inside of it. Each piece is wrapped in two different plastic sheets like a sandwich. Even though this mask is made of clay, it’s very easy to take the plastics out of the actual mask.

G9 Skin Color Clay Sheet Tension Red Mask Review

This mask has a perfect fit for my face and it stays on perfectly; I tried doing some jumping jacks while wearing it and it still stayed on!

G9 Skin Color Clay Sheet Tension Red Review

The only downside to its composition, is that because it’s made from actual clay, it gets pretty messy. Like most sheet masks, a lot of product is extra; in this case it’s clay and not essence so I feel pretty bad that it gets wasted and I can’t do anything with it.

G9 Skin Color Clay Sheet Tension Red Review

Another small downside to this mask is that you have to wash your face after you use it and that it smells exactly like clay (obviously!!), that can be a bit bothering for some people but I didn’t mind it at all.

Also, this mask dries up but not completely; it just gets a little hard and if you move your mouth after it is dried, the part under the mouth will stop touching your face. (Friendly reminder: don’t try to eat while wearing this, the mask tastes awful).

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After using this mask, I feel like a layer of my skin has left. Not in a bad way; more like all the dead skin cells are out. Even though it doesn’t have any cooling feeling, I do feel a certain ”freshness”; like my skin feels how it’s supposed to feel. That feel stays for at least two days.

G9 Skin Color Clay Sheet Tension Red Review

As you can see in the photo, this mask made my skin better-looking, VERY fast (even though the lighting is a bit off). The first time I used this mask, I’m not sure how, it took away all the redness that was on my face!! Sadly this hasn’t happened again but it still takes away a good amount of it and it also does shrink my (very) large pores. And the effect lasts for a couple of days. Other than that, it also doesn’t fail at making my skin brighter!

Overall, I loved, I LOVE this mask. It gives me a ”I just came back from the spa” effect every time I use it only for a fraction of the price. I am definitely re-purchasing and I am officially adopting this little brand because it’s waaaay underrated. I’d strongly recommend anyone that suffers from acne and hyperpigmentation to try this mask at least once.

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